Le Repentir Cemetery still in a bad shape – Town Clerk

first_img…as some initial works haltedWhile works are underway at the Le Repentir Cemetery to improve the state of its surroundings, Town Clerk Royston King has revealed that the area is still in a terrible state.King told this publication that persons were contracted to do works at various areas along the cemetery, which included land clearing and digging of some drains. However, the current inclement weather has hindered some of those works, which are still at their initial stages.“We continue to do major works in the area of drainage. They’re still digging the drains and trimming overhanging trees and bushes in that particular facility. It is still in a bad shape. We were hindered somewhat by the current weather when the project is ongoing,” he said.The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) are looking for a contractual arrangement that would enable the other important components of the restoration project to kickA section of the Le Repentir Cemeteryinto gear.“It will come up for discussion at the level of the Finance Committee. We have just asked for initial works to be done. The committee will now have to look at a contractual arrangement that will enable the works to progress, and consider all the timelines and all the other things that are involved for the project,” he explained.King said the small rehabilitation works were necessary because of the deplorable appearance of the cemetery and the overflowing of canals after heavy downpours. These, he said, were affecting the integrity of the tombs and other structures, as well as the wellbeing of people who live in close proximity.“Because of the condition of the cemetery, and because it constituted an emergency, we needed to do something with the facility; and that is why we have engaged some small contractors to do initial clearing and cleaning of the cemetery. The water in the canals at the cemetery was very high,’’ King declared.“It is, in fact, affecting the integrity of the tombs, and that will affect the integrity of our public health in the cemetery itself; and in those that are contiguous to that facility. It is of some concern to us that we need to fix it.”When <> visited the cemetery, some areas were inaccessible while the water level was estimated to be a few inches high.“It is a facility that we really need to fix, and we couldn’t continue in the land anymore in its current state. We need to change that so that we can secure the integrity of public health,” the Town Clerk said.In January of this year, the council had announced the commencement of a $150-million-dollar restoration exercise at the cemetery. This is the first time that a contractor has been hired to assist in maintenance of the premises.In fact, it was revealed that the fences and gates would be restored, and interest would shift to constructing another crematorium. The development of roads in the cemetery was also part of the package.last_img read more