CDB to pay off Haiti’s $3,5 million disaster insurance debt

first_imgDaniel Best The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a grant to Haiti to cover the country’s 2017-2018 insurance premiums with CCRIF SPC, the company that provides parametric insurance coverage to the Caribbean and Latin America.The Bank is making available the sum of US$3.5 million to meet the cost of the premiums for tropical cyclone, earthquake and excess rainfall coverage.Parametric insurance contracts pay out quickly and reliably for disasters. They play a unique role in tackling humanitarian emergencies by providing quick liquidity at a time when there is a dramatic reduction in Government revenue and, at the same time, a need for large government services expenditures.CDB has committed to continue paying the premiums to support efforts related to emergency disaster response and recovery, and to provide assistance to Haiti through other mechanisms, which aim to build resilience to the impact of natural hazards.CDB’s Director of Projects, Daniel Best said the commitment is consistent with the Bank’s focus on promoting environmental sustainability and climate change resilience.“For the 2017 hurricane season, Haiti will still be in recovery mode from the Hurricane Matthew impact, and thus it is of critical importance that the coverage continues under the CCRIF policies. The Government of Haiti has shown its commitment to building resilience, and continuing catastrophic risk insurance coverage will allow them to reduce their budget volatility,” Best said.The Government of Haiti has also taken steps, with the support of its development partners, to design and implement development projects that incorporate natural hazard risk reduction and adaptation to climate change as core elements of these initiatives.CDB funds US$40 million Caribbean poverty reduction programlast_img read more

City of Lauderhill Historical Site Designation

first_imgCity of Lauderhill Historical Site DesignationIn order to enhance the heritage and history of Lauderhill, the Lauderhill Historical Site Designation Program has been launched to identify and preserve significant historical properties with Lauderhill’s boundaries.The City of Lauderhill was founded in 1959. It was home to Jackie Gleason and his famous Golf Classic which hosted several stars and many Presidents. The city was once also the home to one of South Florida’s largest pastures which served as a dairy farm for MacArthur Dairy, a major milk producing company. The history of Lauderhill is vast, and those who know it love it!Because he knows the history well, the Mayor of the City, Richard Kaplan, has asked the City’s Arts, Cultural and Tourism Board to come up with a program to help preserve sites within the City that have historic significance in order to restore and preserve them. The board has presented the Lauderhill Historical Site Designation Program and gave it the following goals:In order to enhance the heritage and history of Lauderhill, the Lauderhill Historical Site Designation Program aims to identify and preserve significant historical properties within Lauderhill’s boundaries. The goal of the program is to preserve our history, protect important historical sites and create close-to-home recreational opportunities to our citizens.“When we think about Lauderhill’s history there is so much to remember and appreciate. We must preserve it so the next generation knows exactly where and when it happened. The Historical Site Designation Program is like a moving museum. It shows residents and visitors all the historic spots around our City,” explained Mayor Kaplan.The first site being recognized as a “Historical Designated Site” is the Inverrary Waterfall. This will be officially implemented on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 9:30 am. The Mayor will officially unveil the plaque that will signify the designation as a historical destination. The second site to be unveiled will be the original City Hall site, now the Lauderhill Cultural Museum, which is located in Wally Elfers Park. This will be done on Tuesday, November 28 at 9:30 am.For other recent initiatives by the City of Lauderhill, click the link: Lauderhill Breast Cancer Awarenesslast_img read more

Outstanding Sickle Cell specialist visits South Florida

first_imgL-R Mrs. Ruth Duhaney , Dr. Graham Serjeant, Dr Ofelia Alvarez, Mrs. Barbara Fearon, Dr. Thomas J. Harrington at the University of Miami, Mailman Center where Dr. Serjeant delivered a lecture on the treatment of Sickle cell Disease On Friday, October 20th, Dr. Graham Roger Serjeant the architect of Sickle Cell Disease management in Jamaica, and internationally, visited Florida to share his perspectives and treatment modalities that are widely utilized to treat the disease.Effective findingsDr. Serjeant’s findings have been proven to be effective in reducing the number of crisis incidents experienced globally in patients suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia. The disease is an inherited blood abnormality affecting approximately 400,000 births annually worldwide. The doctor’s  lecture at the University’s Mailman Center, was hosted by Drs. Ofelia Alvarez and Thomas J. Harrington of the University of Miami’s Jackson Healthcare system.Migrated to JamaicaSerjeant, a native of the United Kingdom, and his wife migrated to Jamaica in 1966 where he began his internship at the University of the West Indies. His findings and ground-breaking care management systems in Sickle Cell Anemia, through research and studies of patients in the rural areas of Jamaica, have resulted in the reduction of infant deaths among families in the region. These unprecedented lifesaving techniques may give pause to medical communities abroad that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology and research. It begs to address the question; how can these results come from a region considered to have far less medically advanced services and technological capabilities than their first world counterpart?To what can we attribute Dr. Serjeant’s success in the reduction of infant deaths in a world where poverty in the countryside and rural towns is as extremely rampant?How did Dr. Serjeant discover the key to improving the quality of life of Sickle Cell patients, while extending their lifespan?Developed major comprehensive clinical/research facility Throughout his 51 years in Jamaica, Dr. Serjeant developed a major comprehensive clinical and research facility for the management and investigation of over 5,500 patients with Sickle Cell disease. Through documentation of the natural history of the disease, evolving simple methods for the prevention, and more effective treatment of complications from the disease, the Jamaican facility has significantly decreased mortality and reduced morbidity of this disease.  These pioneering methods were simple, cost-effective, and low technology; hence they were appropriate to countries with limited resources, where the disease is a common public health problem.Unique study The Cohort Study, based on the detection and follow-up of 550 cases of Sickle Cell disease among 100,000 consecutive normal deliveries at Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica is a unique study of the natural history of the cell disease.  For the first time, the true natural history of the disease could be documented in place of the symptomatic bias inevitable in previous reports.  As the children with the disease aged, the major determinants of morbidity and mortality at each age have been defined, and cost-effective interventions implemented.  The Jamaican Cohort Study is recognized worldwide as a major contribution to the understanding and improved management of Sickle Cell disease. In supervising one of the worlds’ largest Sickle Cell clinic and overseeing the care of over 5,500 patients, experience on all manifestations of sickle cell disease has been accumulated by Dr. Serjeant.Patience with PatientsThe doctor’s visit to South Florida, was facilitated by Patience with Patients of America (PWPA), a not-for-profit entity, in conjunction with their Life Changers Award Gala, where Dr. Serjeant and local healthcare professionals were honored for their service and dedicated care of patients with Sickle Cell disease.Ms. Melanie Grant, a Sickle Cell survivor, Founder and her mother Barbara Fearon-Grant, President, both Jamaican-Americans, residing in Palm Beach County, have made it their life’s mission to advocate on behalf of, and empower patients suffering from chronic illnesses like Sickle Cells disease and Lupus. They seek to enact change in the lives of individuals coping with chronic diseases and the disease process. Through advocacy, education and proper care management support they serve as a liaison to healthcare professionals. This positions PWPA to become the supporting cast for healthcare providers, ultimately leading to more effective communication between patients and their healthcare givers. To learn more or to donate visit www.patiencewithpatients.orgFor previous article on sickle cell, visit the link: Poll Dispels Long-Held Viewslast_img read more

Scientist reviving cannabis plant smoked by Marley

first_imgDr. Machel Emanuel with landrace cultivar cannabis plants University of the West Indies in Kingston. Dr. Machel A. Emanuel, a 35-year-old scientist from Dominica who has lived in Jamaica since 2007, is in the process of recovering the strain of marijuna that was smoked by Bob Marley. Emanuel, who has a doctorate in biology with a specialty in horticulture and the adaptation of plants to climate, has cultivated a field of cannabis plants at the Biology Department at the University of the West Indies in Kingston.According to the scientist, landrace cannabis was smoked by Rastas in the 1970s, including Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, along with Marley. “In the 50s, 60s, 70s, Jamaica was known for its landrace cultivar, which definitely gave Jamaica that international reputation,” he explained to a reporter recently. However, this strain of the plant, he says, was weaker than today’s cannabis, which is artificially modified and has much higher levels of THC. Emanuel further explains that during the 1980s war on drugs in the US, landrace cannabis was destroyed. His mission to recover the plant has led him to Rastafarian groups living in remote places across the Caribbean, including Guadeloupe, Trinidad and Dominica. He finally found a Rasta still smoking the plant, who lived in the mountainside and hadn’t been in touch with the modern world for some 40 years. He was able to get the seed and bring it back to his lab. Even though it has less psychoactive effects, the claim of landrace cultivar’s historic, untainted roots may make it a hit among a growing market of conscious consumers leaning towards natural, untampered products.last_img read more

David Clifton: Licensing Expert – Not only changed licensing fees but also a new type of licence

first_img UKGC hails ‘delivered efficiencies’ of its revamped licence maintenance service  August 20, 2020 Winning Post: Swedish regulator pushes back on ‘Storebror’ approach to deposit limits August 24, 2020 Submit Share StumbleUpon Share Related Articles UKGC launches fourth National Lottery licence competition August 28, 2020 David CliftonIn his January 3rd posting “Gambling Commission justifies remote licence fee increases” Andy McCarron MD of SBC referred to the changes to the Commission’s annual fee structure that will come into effect from April this year.Those changes were announced in the DCMS “Proposals for Gambling Commission fees from April 2017 – consultation response” document that was published just prior to Christmas.In addition to the forthcoming fee changes mentioned by Andy, the following are also worthy of note:the fee for applying to vary an operating licence condition to increase or decrease fee category (that is presently charged at 20% of the standard licence fee) is to reduce to a fixed fee of £25,the existing 5% first annual fee discount when two licences are held will be removed, to be replaced by a 25% first annual fee discount for new remote operating licences, that will apply whether or not a business already holds a non-remote licence,where an operator holds both a non-remote and a remote operating licence, the Commission presently provides small discounts on their annual fees every year to reflect the reduced fixed costs of regulating a single operating entity as opposed to two; those annual discount arrangements are intended to become more “simplified” with a 5% annual fee discount being applied to every licence activity on both non-remote and remote operating licences (for operators who hold both),the fee for a change of corporate control application, where the applicant is a small family-owned limited company and the shares have been transferred to an immediate family, is to be reduced to £100, andapplications to vary a personal licence to reflect a change in name of the licence holder, and applications to amend the name of an individual on an operating licence, will no longer incur any fee.However, fees are not the only area of change that was announced in the DCMS document. In addition, the following new types of remote betting operating licence are to be introduced:betting host (general betting (standard) real events) andbetting host (general betting (standard) virtual events).In addition, game host (casino) and game host (bingo) licences will be introduced, although the suggestion of a lottery host licence was discounted.This will represent a material departure from the Commission’s position as presently set out at paragraph 5.1 of its “What is gambling Software?” Advice Note published in June 2014, in which it said that “a gambling software licence only authorises the manufacture, supply, installation and adaptation of gambling software. It does not permit the provision of facilities for gambling and therefore any business that provides facilities for gambling (even if they hold a gambling software licence) will need a relevant remote operating licence: a casino, bingo, general betting, pool betting, betting intermediary or lottery licence. For example a business that holds a gambling software licence but also hosts a poker network or a games platform will also require a remote casino operating licence as it is responsible for the fairness of the gambling”.  This new “host” licence will remove the need for gambling software licensees that also provide facilities for gambling to obtain a “full” such remote operating licence.Specific conditions that will be imposed on the new host licences are that they:can only be held by the holder of a gambling software operating licence,only permit the licensee to provide facilities for gambling in circumstances in which it does not contract directly with any of the participants using those facilities, anddo not authorise the licensee to provide facilities for peer-to-peer gambling networks. A summary of all LCCP that will apply to game host and betting host licences is provided at Appendix G to the full DCMS responses document, the link to which can be accessed via our website.These will include a new general condition 3.1.3 that will require hosts to make arrangements to share information with the B2C operator whose customers use the host’s products, so that both the B2C and the host can discharge their obligations in respect of the prevention of money laundering and problem gambling.The Gambling Commission’s Remote Technical Standards, Testing Strategy and security audit requirements will apply to all host licences.The Commission’s fees for host licences will be calculated by reference to nine different scales of Gross Gambling Yield (“GGY”) ranging from:in the case of casino, bingo and betting on virtual events hosts, a £1,980 application fee (and £2,027 annual fee) where GGY is less than £550,000 to a £42,978 application fee where GGY is above £1billion (and annual fee of £289,652 plus £100,000 for every £500million of GGY above £1billion GGY)in the case of betting on real events only hosts, a £2,200 application fee (and £2,556 annual fee) where GGY is less than £550,000 to a £19,333 application fee where GGY is above £1billion (and annual fee of £371,142 plus £100,000 for every £500million of GGY above £1billion GGY).In terms of calculating the GGY for fees purposes, where a host receives a fixed payment from the B2C, that payment would be reflected as GGY. Where revenue share arrangements apply, B2Cs will be required to record the revenue of all products subject to such arrangements and, to prevent double-counting, each party (B2C and host) will have to record the amount that it actually receives from the transactions permitted by the licence.The Commission will be keeping under review the business models that are able to hold one of the host operating licences, to ensure that these licensees are genuinely providing facilities for gambling without contracting directly with any customer. It will also keep under review the LCCP that will apply to the host licences to ensure they remain appropriate for the gambling facilities being provided._________________David Clifton – Director – Clifton Davies Consultancy Limitedlast_img read more

Amelco secures BetStars platform renewal

first_img Submit Share Related Articles ‘Deal maker’ Rafi Ashkenazi ends Flutter tenure  August 27, 2020 Share Amelco solidifies US presence with Continent 8 deal August 26, 2020 StumbleUpon Luckbox outlines final TSXV roadmap July 29, 2020 Sports betting software and market trading services provider Amelco, has this morning confirmed that it has renewed its lead sportsbook supplier contract with The Stars Group Inc subsidiary BetStars.Updating the market, London-based Amelco will continue to act as lead platform technology provider for BetStars, a partnership that it has serviced since the brand’s launch in 2015.Issuing a short statement, a pleased Damian Walton founder and owner of Amelco commented on the partnership extension;“Amelco is delighted to extend the agreement with BetStars and we look forward to working closely with the brand to service its sportsbook portfolio and continue a partnership that will allow both parties to maximise their full potential.”In its latest trading update, Toronto TSX-listed The Stars Group Inc detailed a strong progress on the firm’s ‘diversification strategy’, reporting a robust revenue-mix which featured a higher contribution from its online casino and sports betting divisions.Amelco will maintain its position as lead sportsbook platform supplier, as the Stars Group moves to enlarge its corporate entity following the successful Q1 2018 acquisitions of CrownBet Ltd, William Hill Australia and Sky Betting & Gaming.last_img read more

Hollywood Edge… Coral debuts ‘Sports Rodstein’ with Danny McBride

first_img SportCaller teams up with Coral for Racing Super Series launch August 12, 2020 Share Coral (GVC Holdings) has turned to Hollywood for its new TV ad campaign ‘Sports Rodstein’, as the UK bookmaker seeks to ramp up its World Cup trading activity.‘Sports Rodstein’ is Coral’s first campaign developed under the guidance of new creative agency Alpha Century London.The campaign introduces Sports Rodstein, the US’ biggest sports fan played by popular Hollywood comedian Danny McBride (Tropic Thunder, Eastbound & Down, Pineapple Express).Coral UK debuted ‘Sports Rodstein’ during Saturday’s second TV break of the UEFA Champions League Final. The bookmaker details that McBride’s Rodstein character will front its World Cup campaigns across TV, print and digital introducing new slogan ‘The smart money’s on Coral’.Coral’s Marketing Director, Alexis Zamboglou commented on ‘Sports Rodstein’;“We wanted the campaign to create distinction from that of other brands.  In the same vain as Super Bowl half-time ads, Coral is hoping to utilise the huge Champions League audience by creating an ad which speaks to the UK and taps into their emotion when they’re at their peak.“Sports betting and gaming is fun and exciting and the aim was to capture this in the new ads.   We think Sports Rodstein will resonate with sports fans. The character represents the hilarious comedy that Danny McBride is known for and delivers a memorable and impactful ad.”Delivering ‘Sports Rodstein’ for Coral UK, Barnaby Girling, ECD at Alpha Century comments “At such a pivotal point for the gaming industry and on the cusp of a World Cup summer, we were all bowled over by Coral’s genuine appetite for being inventive and ambitious in order to thoroughly supercharge their brand.” StumbleUpon GVC hires ‘comms pro’ Tessa Curtis to re-energise media profile  August 25, 2020 Related Articles GVC absorbs retail shocks as business recalibrates for critical H2 trading August 13, 2020 Share Submitlast_img read more

BetVictor’s Eoin Ryan: Evolving the PriceItUp feature

first_imgShare StumbleUpon Related Articles Stats Perform extends NBL data and streaming deal July 13, 2020 Submit BetVictor boosts casino portfolio with EveryMatrix’s CasinoEngine June 25, 2020 Share EveryMatrix ups CasinoEngine gamification tools with CompetitionLabs June 29, 2020 Allowing punters to create their own bets is a feature that’s grown exponentially in recent years, over the coming season operators are aiming to further enhance the levels of control that users have over betting markets.We spoke to BetVictor’s head of product, Eoin Ryan about the importance of personalisation, as well as how the “PriceItUp” feature can continue to evolve. SBC: How important is the personalisation aspect of the BetVictor’s “PriceItUp” offering?Eoin Ryan: In today’s world, businesses have only a few seconds to grab customers attention – if it’s not relevant to them, they’re gone. With that in mind, from the moment of conception of our #PriceItUp Builder, customer experience was a top priority for us. We wanted to ensure that customers would get a personalised, best in class product.Our #PriceItUp Builder allows millions of potentially unique outcomes on a football match, so every customer can now create a very personalised bet. We see that many customers are tiring of the long lists of largely uninteresting markets on football, and the success of #PriceItUp Builder proves to reflect that.SBC: Could you tell us more about what sets BetVictor’s PriceItUp market ahead of the competition?ER: Without a doubt, the flexibility of our product is what sets it apart. In this competitive gaming landscape, we’re the first operator to develop a product that allows the range of various lines on markets like Cards and Corners and customers to choose first or second half periods. Our builder also allows up to ten separate but related elements to a bet, which raises the bar for other providers. Over and above that, our #PriceItUp Builder is an intuitive product that enables customers to focus on having an enjoyable gaming experience.SBC: What type of leverage does the feature have and how can it grow and evolve in the coming years?ER: As tech company, we’re certainly ahead of the curve in the gaming space when it comes to product offering. #PriceItUp is an in-house built tool and that gives us the opportunity to keep innovating and tailoring the product to meet our customers’ demands. We foresee custom-built markets to become an increasingly significant part of a bookmaker’s product offer going forward.So, in a nutshell, anything is possible with this product. It could easily be launched on sports like Basketball, Tennis, Darts and Horse Racing. We’ve only scratched the surface in terms of the possible functionality of this product and we’re planning to build on it in the future.SBC: Does the feature increase the need for traders and how important is it that it’s available on a wide range of sports?ER: In the short term absolutely, as the sheer demand for these types of markets means that in the early phases traders are needed to create the pricing and build the markets. Long term, I can see a clear role developing within trading teams for traders who can oversee and assist in the production of various customer-created markets, rather than actually price the markets.Regarding sports coverage, I think it’s only a matter of time before all major sports have a bet builder product enabled as customers are increasingly showing an appetite for it. It’s becoming a standard request for all major sporting events – from boxing bouts to high-profile golf tournaments.Another market that would strongly benefit from innovative products such as bet builders is Horse Racing – we haven’t seen meaningful product development in this space for some time but, of course, there remains a huge betting interest in the sport.SBC: Can you tell us further about any future product innovations that BetVictor is planning to launch?ER: Technology innovation is at the heart of what we do, and as part of that, we’re working on a variety of products, from tech trading to voice activation concepts across various areas. It is an exciting time for our business as next year we’ll see a few of our projects come to fruition.last_img read more

RMG unites with SIS and Perform for Australian racing dispersal

first_img SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 StumbleUpon Share Related Articles Racecourse Media Group (RMG) has announced an alliance with Sports Information Services (SIS) and Perform, for the European distribution of Australian horse racing. Set to be shown exclusively across the continent’s betting shops, as well as via online operators and Racing UK, RMG is the chosen distribution partner of Melbourne Racing Club (MRC) and Thoroughbred Racing South Australia (TRSA).As a result this will see the delivery of coverage from MRC’s three racecourses, Caulfield, Sandown (Ladbrokes Park) and Mornington, in addition to TRSA’s 25 racecourses.Nick Mills, Commercial Director at RMG, explained: “This is a great opportunity to showcase exciting, quality racing and grow international revenues for MRC and TRSA via our distribution network in Europe, as well as increasing wagering income for our racecourse shareholders. “RMG and our partners SIS and Perform Content are excited to offer bookmaker partners the best solution for their streaming and LBO requirements. “We have been delighted with the initial take-up from some of the market’s leading operators, and look forward to launching more partners in the very near future.”SIS will distribute the content exclusively to betting shops, as well as adding the races to its 24/7 betting channels in Europe. Perform will distribute the racing to online bookmakers exclusively in Britain and Ireland via Racing UK’s streaming service, with the content also available along this route for European operators.Andrew Ashenden, Chief Commercial Officer at Perform Content, commented: “We are delighted to collaborate once again with long-term partners RMG, to offer Australian racing to our established network of customers across the UK and Europe. “The close working relationship we have with RMG, and the capability of our platform, has seen the service already go live with many of the UK’s top operators, including their European territories, with RMG also offering the flexibility of a ‘Bet to View’ or ‘Watch & Bet’ model.”This weekend’s Caulfield Cup will be streamed for the first time across the UK’s leading bookmakers, with content launching in LBOs from November.“We are thrilled to be able to deliver coverage from Melbourne Racing Club and Thoroughbred Racing South Australia to our bookmaker partners across Europe,” added Paul Witten, Product Director at SIS. “The high-quality racing will provide our customers with excellent betting content during the early hours, and will complement our premium racing content from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.” Share Alberto Alfieri: Leading the way for Gamingtec’s B2C growth August 25, 2020 SIS adds Irish Greyhound Derby to its portfolio August 13, 2020 Submitlast_img read more

Insider Sport: On the ball – FIFA announces player protection fund

first_img BetInvest: The benefits of separating esports betting markets August 7, 2020 Submit StumbleUpon ESI Digital – No Drama Please… Esports growth should be treated as business as usual  August 20, 2020 Related Articles SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Share Share From sponsorship to the ever-expanding world of football media coverage, when it comes to the business of football, InsiderSport has you covered.This week’s OTB reports on Juventus’ decade long stadium deal, FIFA’s salary protection fund, Everton’s TikTok announcement and Valencia trailing an in-stadia food delivery service.  _____________________FIFA to launch new player wage protection platformFIFA has announced plans to launch The FIFA Fund for Football Players (FIFA FFP), a new platform designed for players who suffer from unpaid wages, providing an initial £12.3 million fund to be split until 2022.In association with FIFPRO, FIFA’s FFP will provide financial support to players who have not been paid by clubs, under the circumstance that the team has become financially unstable and is unable to pay wages.FIFA president Gianni Infantino commented: “This agreement and our commitment to helping players in a difficult situation show how we interpret our role as world football’s governing body. We are also here to reach out to those in need, especially within the football community, and that starts with the players, who are the key figures in our game.”In addition, another £3.8 million will be used for players previously affected between June 2015 to June 2020. FIFPRO President Philippe Piat concluded: “More than 50 clubs in 20 countries have shut in the last five years, plunging hundreds of footballers into uncertainty and hardship. This fund will provide valuable support to those players and families most in need. Many of these clubs have shut to avoid paying outstanding wages, immediately re-forming as so-called new clubs.”The new system is set to come into operation on 1st July this year.Juventus scores big with Allianz Juventus has announced an extended partnership with Allianz in a decade long deal worth just over £85 million.According to a statement, the insurance giant’s logo will now feature on the club’s training and warm-up shirts. In addition, the Serie A sides ground will remain the Allianz Stadium throughout the duration of the new agreement, the current deal was set to expire in three years. Allianz chief executive Giacomo Campora commented: “As of today, our partnership with Juventus has become even more solid, lasting and relevant at a national and international level.“Not only have we extended the naming rights agreement with this top football club for the Allianz Stadium until 2030, but we have identified numerous additional sponsorship solutions that will associate the Allianz brand to the first team, as well as making an important commitment with the club’s women’s sector.”The new agreement will also cover the sponsorship rights for Juve’s women’s team, who are the reigning Serie A Women’s champions.Giorgio Ricci, Juventus’ chief revenue officer added: “We are very happy to have expanded our partnership with Allianz, one of the most active global brands in the professional sports industry.” Everton announces TikTok collaborationFollowing in the footsteps of Man City and Bayern Munich, Everton FC has launched an official channel on the short-form mobile video app TikTok. In a statement released by the club, the channel will provide fans with short videos and ‘exclusive footage’ of the first-team, under 23’s and women’s players.The clips will include skills, goals, celebrations and participation in current trends as the club looks to connect to the Millennial and Gen Z market. Everton continues to extend its brand on various social media platforms garnering nearly seven million followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. TikTok is one of the world fastest growing social media platforms, available in more than 150 countries and in 75 languages. Along with the statement Everton also released a promotional video feature midfielder Tom Davies, providing the club’s supporters with a taster of the content expected on the platform. Valencia creates matchday food delivery app for fansLa Liga side Valencia CF (VCF) has announced a new food delivery platform, Valencia CF – Seat Delivery, allowing fans to order food and drinks in the stadium during match days directly to their seat. In the application’s description Valencia stated: “All spectators can now enjoy the new and innovative service of food, drinks and merchandise delivery directly from their seats without missing a single second.“VCF reinforces their position as one of the most technologically innovative sports clubs in the world, providing unique experiences to the fans.”Valencia’s application is Europe’s first stadium specific food delivery service system as more clubs attempt to create an enjoyable matchday experience. Last month it was announced that Arsenal’s Emirates stadium was going cashless in order to eliminate traditional cash transactions.Valencia CF – Seat Delivery will be seperate from Valencia’s official fan application and Centenari – Valencia CF, the side’s historical virtual experience platform.The food delivery service app is available on all Android and Apple IOS systems._______________________On The ball is brought to you by InsiderSport, SBC’s new portal which offers all the latest news and cutting-edge analysis from the evolving business of sport. To find out more about the site, click the banner below.last_img read more