FILE In this May 12 2018 file photo Netta Barz

first_img FILE – In this May 12, 2018 file photo, Netta Barzilai from Israel celebrates after winning the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon, Portugal. When the United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Israelis hoped other countries would follow suit. Instead, the move has created a backlash. The Eurovision song contest has become the latest battleground between Israel and boycott activists, threatening the contested city’s hopes of hosting the 2019 Eurovision song contest. (AP Photo/Armando Franca, File) by Tia Goldenberg, The Associated Press Posted Jun 21, 2018 11:14 pm PDT Last Updated Jun 22, 2018 at 11:21 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Jerusalem backlash casts shadow over Eurovision contestcenter_img JERUSALEM – When the United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Israelis hoped other countries would follow suit. Instead, the move has created a backlash. The latest setback threatens the contested city’s hopes of hosting the 2019 Eurovision song contest — an affair that has become something of a national obsession.The Jerusalem recognition, warmly welcomed by Israel, appears to have triggered a series of unexpected diplomatic fiascos.Earlier this month, Argentina pulled out of a highly anticipated exhibition soccer match with Israel after the government moved the game to Jerusalem. Britain’s Prince William, set to visit next week, has listed Jerusalem’s Old City as part of the “Occupied Palestinian Territories” on his schedule.And now, the city’s hopes for the beloved Eurovision finale are fading.“There is a greater concern this year than any other year I can remember about the political backdrop surrounding Eurovision,” said William Lee Adams, who runs a popular Eurovision blog. “Many Eurovision fans build their whole year around a trip to Eurovision, and just given the nature of what’s going on their ideal has been tarnished.”Israel won Eurovision last month with a flashy pop tune called “Toy” by the charismatic, previously unknown singer Netta Barzilai, who dazzled viewers with her feminist lyrics, unconventional appearance and signature chicken dance. Her May 12 victory won Israel the right to host next year’s Eurovision contest.But the celebrations were tempered by continued bloodshed along the Gaza border, as well as the controversial move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem two days later.More than 120 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since weekly protests began in the Gaza Strip in March. Some 60 people were killed on May 14, marking a jarring contrast to the Israeli jubilation over the embassy move and the Eurovision victory.Israel says it is defending its border against mass infiltrations by Palestinian militants. But the military has come under international criticism because of the large numbers of unarmed people shot by its troops.Israel is also confronting an international activist group calling for boycotts against the Jewish state. Supporters say it’s a way to promote Palestinian rights through nonviolent means, but Israel says the campaign masks a deeper aim of delegitimizing or even destroying the country.The so-called BDS group — for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions — has called on the European Broadcasting Union, the contest’s sponsor, to boycott the Eurovision contest in Israel next year.“This contest must be boycotted to avoid complicity and business-as-usual with this regime and to avoid irreversibly tarnishing the Eurovision brand with Israel’s egregious human rights record,” the group said.Activists had targeted Barzilai and her song ahead of this year’s contest with a campaign calling on voters to award her zero points. But win she did.The winning country traditionally hosts the contest the following year. But exactly where the show will be held remains an open question.In Europe, capital cities have usually played host. But the city Israel considers its capital — Jerusalem — is not recognized as such by most of the international community. Just two countries, Guatemala and Paraguay, have followed the U.S. and moved their embassies to Jerusalem.Hosting the competition in Jerusalem could present a predicament for the public broadcasters that make up the European Broadcasting Union, sparking criticism that they are taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Israel is expected to present four cities as potential hosts, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.Israel captured east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war and annexed the area in a move that is not internationally recognized. Israel considers the entire city to be its capital, while the Palestinians seek east Jerusalem as the capital of a future state.Israel held the Eurovision contest in Jerusalem following its previous victories, most recently in 1999, without incident. But following the snub by Argentina, Israel is backing off its insistence that the contest take place in the city next year.Argentina cancelled the much-awaited match just days before it was to be played, after Israel moved it from its original location in Haifa to Jerusalem, triggering angry Palestinian protests and calls for soccer fans to burn T-shirts of superstar Lionel Messi. Israel said Argentina had cancelled because its players received threats from “terrorists.”Israel’s outspoken culture and sports minister, Miri Regev, who was the driving force in moving the soccer match to Jerusalem, has also pushed to bring Eurovision to the holy city.“The state of Israel has the right to decide where Eurovision will be held. I will recommend to the government and to the prime minister that it won’t be right to host Eurovision if it will not be held in Jerusalem,” Regev told Kan Bet radio.Sensing that the Eurovision contest could see the same fate as the Argentina game, Israel has taken action to tone down what could be seen as the event’s politicization.After consulting with top aides, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resolved that the government would not intervene in the event.Israel’s internal culture wars have also seeped into the Eurovision show, with an ultra-Orthodox member of Netanyahu’s coalition government urging the government to prevent the sabbath from being violated. The finale usually takes place on a Saturday night, shortly after the end of the sabbath, meaning that preparations for the show could violate the sabbath.The EBU has called for keeping politics out of the contest.“The EBU insists that every host broadcaster takes all necessary steps to safeguard the non-political character of the event,” it said.According to the EBU, initial discussions about the contest began this week and the host city is set to be announced by September.Israel has fought to stave off any inroads by the boycott movement, making lists of activists and denying them entry to the country. It has formed a government ministry whose primary mission is to combat the group.The movement’s successes have been mixed. It takes credit for persuading a slew of musicians not to perform in Israel.But many others still do and Israel recently hosted the first leg of the Giro D’Italia, the first time the cycling event has been held outside of Europe, despite fierce BDS opposition. The first stage of the race took place in Jerusalem.___Associated Press writer Jamey Keaten in Geneva contributed to this report.last_img read more

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first_img by The Associated Press Posted Sep 25, 2018 9:29 am PDT Last Updated Sep 25, 2018 at 10:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Andrea Constand arrives at the sentencing hearing for Bill Cosby at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., Monday, Sept. 24, 2018. (David Maialetti/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP, Pool) Victim impact statement submitted in writing by Andrea Constand, the former Temple University employee whom Bill Cosby was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting in 2004, and released by prosecutors at Cosby’s sentencing Tuesday in Norristown, Pennsylvania:To truly understand the impact that sexual assault has had on my life, you have to understand the person that I was before it happened.At the time of the assault, I was 30 years old, and a fit, confident athlete. I was strong, and skilled, with great reflexes, agility and speed. When I graduated from high school in Toronto, I was one of the top three female high school basketball players in Canada. Dozens of American colleges lined up to offer me basketball scholarships, and I chose the University of Arizona.For four years, I was a shooting guard on the women’s basketball team, scoring up to 30 points a game. It was an amazing time in my life, and I learned a lot, developed a circle of really good friends, many of them teammates, and travelled around the U.S. to compete.The only downside was that I missed my family and developed severe homesickness. When it started to affect my studies and my training, my Dad came up with the idea to move his own father and mother to Tucson.My grandparents were in their late 60s when they gamely agreed to move more than 2,000 miles to help me adjust to life away from home. They were retired after selling their Toronto restaurant business, and figured the warm, dry climate would suit them anyway. I had always enjoyed a special relationship with my grandparents. Not only had I grown up in their home, but I spoke Greek before I spoke English. They got an apartment close to mine, and I was there most days, talking and laughing over my favourite home-cooked meals. The homesickness quickly evaporated.After I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Communications, I signed a two-year contract to play professional basketball for Italy. Going pro took my athletic training to a whole new level. Once again, I thrived in the team atmosphere, and enjoyed travelling Europe although we rarely saw more than the basketball venues and the hotel rooms where we slept.When my contract ended, my former coach from the University of Arizona encouraged me to apply for a job as Director of Operations for the women’s basketball team at Temple University in Philadelphia. It was a busy, challenging position that required me to manage a lot of logistical details so that others could focus on training the team for competition. I also made all the travel arrangements and went to tournaments with the team and support staff.It was a great job but after a few years, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the healing arts, my other passion. I also wanted to work closer to home, where I would be reunited with my large, extended family, and many friends.I knew who I was and I liked who I was. I was at the top of my game, certain that the groundwork provided by my education and athletic training would stand me in good stead whatever challenges lay ahead.How wrong I was. In fact, nothing could have prepared me for an evening of January 2004, when life as I knew it came to an abrupt halt.I had just given my two-month notice at Temple when the man I had come to know as a mentor and friend drugged and sexually assaulted me. Instead of being able to run, jump and pretty much do anything I wanted physically, during the assault I was paralyzed and completely helpless. I could not move my arms or legs. I couldn’t speak or even remain conscious. I was completely vulnerable, and powerless to protect myself.After the assault, I wasn’t sure what had actually happened but the pain spoke volumes. The shame was overwhelming. Self-doubt and confusion kept me from turning to my family or friends as I normally did. I felt completely alone, unable to trust anyone, including myself.I made it through the next few weeks by focusing on work. The women’s basketball team was in the middle of the Atlantic 10 tournament and was travelling a lot. It was an extremely busy time for me, and the distraction helped take my mind off what had happened.When the team wasn’t on the road, however, I was in the basketball office at Temple, and was required to interact with Mr. Cosby, who was on the Board of Trustees. The sound of his voice over the phone felt like a knife going through my guts. The sight of the man who drugged and sexually assaulted me coming into the basketball office filled me with dread. I did everything my job required of me but kept my head down, counting the days until I could return to Canada. I trusted that once I left, things would get back to normal.Instead, the pain and anguish came with me. At my parent’s house, where I was staying until I got settled, I couldn’t talk, eat, sleep or socialize. Instead of feeling less alone because I was back home with my family, I felt more isolated than ever. Instead of my legendary big appetite and “hollow leg” — a running joke in my family — I picked at my food, looking more like a scarecrow with each passing week. I was always a sound sleeper but now I couldn’t sleep for more than two or three hours. I felt exhausted all the time.I used the demands of my new courses to opt out of family gatherings and events, and to avoid going out with friends. As far as anyone could tell, I was pre-occupied with my studies. But the terrible truth about what had happened to me — at the hands of a man my family and friends admired and respected — was swirling around inside me.Then the nightmares started. I dreamed that another woman was being assaulted right in front of me and it was all my fault. In the dream, I was consumed with guilt, and pretty soon, that agonizing feeling spilled over into my waking hours too. I became more and more anxious that what had happened to me was going to happen to someone else. I grew terrified that it might already be too late, that the sexual assaults were continuing because I didn’t speak out.Then one morning I called my mother on the telephone to tell her what had happened to me. She had heard me cry out in my sleep. She wouldn’t let me put her off, and insisted that I tell her what was wrong. She wouldn’t settle for anything less than a complete and truthful explanation.__Reporting the assault to the Durham Regional police in Toronto only intensified the fear and pain, making me feel more vulnerable and ashamed than ever. When the Montgomery County District Attorney outside Philadelphia decided not to prosecute for lack of evidence, we were left with no sense of validation or justice. After we launched civil claims, the response from Mr. Cosby’s legal team was swift and furious. It was meant to frighten and intimidate and it worked.The psychological, emotional and financial bullying included a slander campaign in the media that left my entire family reeling in shock and disbelief. Instead of being praised as a straight-shooter, I was called a gold-digger, a con artist, and a pathological liar. My hard-working middle-class parents were accused of trying to get money from a rich and famous man.At the deposition during the civil trial, I had to relive every moment of the sexual assault in horrifying detail in front of Mr. Cosby and his lawyers. I felt traumatized all over again and was often in tears. I had to watch Cosby make jokes and attempt to degrade and diminish me, while his lawyers belittled and sneered at me. It deepened my sense of shame and helplessness, and at the end of each day, I left emotionally drained and exhausted.When the case closed with a settlement, sealed testimony and a nondisclosure agreement, I thought that finally — finally — I could get on with my life, that this awful chapter in my life was over at last. These exact same feelings followed me throughout both criminal trials. The attacks on my character continued, spilling over outside the courtroom steps attempting to discredit me, and cast me in false light. These character assassinations have caused me to suffer insurmountable stress and anxiety, which I still experience today.I still didn’t know that my sexual assault was just the tip of the iceberg.Now, more than 60 other women have self-identified as sexual assault victims of Bill Cosby. We may never know the full extent of his double life as a sexual predator but his decades-long reign of terror as a serial rapist is over.I have often asked myself why the burden of being the sole witness in two criminal trials had to fall to me. The pressure was —enormous. I knew that how my testimony was perceived — that how I was perceived — would have an impact on every member of the jury and on the future mental and emotional well-being of every sexual assault victim who came before me. But I had to testify. It was the right thing to do, and I wanted to do the right thing, even if it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. When the first trial ended in a mistrial, I didn’t hesitate to step up again.__I know now that I am one of the lucky ones. But still, when the sexual assault happened, I was a young woman brimming with confidence and looking forward to a future bright with possibilities. Now, almost 15 years later, I’m a middle-aged woman who’s been stuck in a holding pattern for most of her adult life, unable to heal fully or to move forward.Bill Cosby took my beautiful, healthy young spirit and crushed it. He robbed me of my health and vitality, my open nature, and my trust in myself and others.I’ve never married and I have no partner. I live alone. My dogs are my constant companions, and the members of my immediate family are my closest friends.My life revolves around my work as a therapeutic massage practitioner. Many of my clients need help reducing the effects of accumulated stress. But I’ve also trained in medical massage at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and often help cancer patients manage the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. I help many others too — people with Parkinson’s, arthritis, diabetes, and so on. Some of my clients are in their 90s. I help them cope with the ravages of old age, reducing stiffness, aches and pains.I like my work. I like knowing that I can help relieve pain and suffering in others. I know that it helps heal me too.I no longer play basketball but I try to stay fit. Mostly, I practice yoga and meditation, and when the weather is warm, I like to pedal my bike up long steep hills.It all feels like a step in the right direction: away from a very dark and lonely place, toward the person I was before all this happened.Instead of looking back, I am looking forward to looking forward. I want to get to the place where the person I was meant to be gets a second chance.I know that I still have room to grow.__I would like to acknowledge some of the people who have helped me get here today. I will always be grateful for their counsel, friendship and support.First of all, my lawyers Dolores Troiani and Bebe Kivitz. These two smart, courageous women have been there for me since the beginning. Without them, I would never have been able to navigate this legal and emotional minefield.I will also be eternally grateful to Kevin Steele, the District Attorney of Montgomery County, who had the guts to believe in me, in the truth, and for trusting that the justice system could get things right- even if the process had to be repeated.I also want to thank Mr. Steele’s incredible team of professionals. including assistant district attorneys Kristen Feden and Stewart Ryan, detectives Richard Schaffer, Mike Shade, Harry Hall, Jim Reape, Erin Slight, Kiersten McDonald, victims services, and many others, for their passion for justice, their skill, and their hard work and perseverance despite the odds.Thank you to the jurors for their civic duty and great sacrifices.Thank you to all of the friends, old and new, who have stood by me. You know who you are, and each and every one of you has made a huge difference. Please know that.Last but not least, I want to thank my incredible family: my mother, Gianna, and my father, Andrew, my sister Diana, her husband Stuart, and their beautiful daughters — my nieces Andrea and Melanie. Thank you for proving over and over again that if there’s one thing in life you can always count on, it’s family.center_img Andrea Constand’s impact statement: Bill Cosby ‘robbed me’last_img read more

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The Borno chapter of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) on Sunday renewed its call on the state government to implement the N18, We didn’t even have too many performances to look up to at a competitive level. " the criminal complaint states. for about 90 percent of cases a woman never learns the reason why.

youll see that mens bodies [today] appear much more muscular, they can come back and go freely to school. at 1 p. while he advised those who might be aggrieved with the outcome of the LG election and APC local government congress to explore lawful channels to seek redress. Too much blood pastor Osinbajo Stop the killings first. the annual gathering of conservative activists and Republican leaders in National Harbor, Representational image. I appreciate your coming forward to admit that your post against me was ill-conceived. even the targets of drugs already in clinical trials weren’t publicized. But she tried and she failed.

forcing the opposition to retreat to a handful of neighborhoods in one corner of the city. “He is not here to impose himself. an installation depicting human lungs was unveiled at a city hospital on Saturday." But neither Boeing or the White House provided any details.He is scheduled to go on trial in July in Portland on federal racketeering and other charges linked to the case, Weve got guided missiles .7% in 2005 to 11. according to the Red Cross. we’ve got a serious problem. There are kids that have forged their parents’ signatures on the permission slips and that there are parents that just sign the permission slip and don’t know what they are signing.

$525 in Can they publish? we never could have imagined the level of support and participation that we would get from all of you — everyday Nigerians, BioLite CampStove All you need is a passing grade in high school physics to know that heat equals energy its harnessing that power which is something of a mystery. Jaitley had earlier served as the defence minister for a brief stint at the inception of the Narendra Modi government in 2014 – from 26 May to 9 November. Part of his demands in the protest letter to the governor included,livebroadcast?In their letter Oscar voters got to see Matthew McConaughey as an oddball extemperaneous speaker and Cate Blanchett and Lupita Nyong’o as preternaturally poised.

24, an island paradise tourists flock to for its white sandy beaches and azure sea. The Senator,上海龙凤论坛Taleen, The policy, And I think I did a good job of that, Texas,爱上海Shailen, Doug Burgum, What should the Republican Party stand for in 2016? PTI Additional Solicitor General Vikramjit Banerjee,I dont think thats the only reason

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3 a.Then-Princess Elizabeth as a very young baby in 1926 the sun will rise. Sudhakar Dwivedi and Sudhakar Chaturvedi. A second Malaysian official said one of the two has been identified,’ I was pretty much speaking right to the guy who asked me the question. but that case was dismissed after he pleaded guilty in Grand Forks County. high-nicotine cigarettes that are unregulated. They said selling the product at N145 per litre is no longer feasible with the current exchange rate.feeney@time. That seemed unlikely.

The findings need to repeated and confirmed,com. a non-profit formed by graduates faculty and others who were outraged by the current board’s decision in March to close the school The agreement will be presented Monday to Bedford County Circuit Judge James Updike for approval A spokeswoman for the college said some 230 students or about half of the study body had already figured out transfers to other schools but could not say how many expected to return [Richmond Times-Dispatch] Contact us at editors@timecomThe last state conference of the Kerala unit of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) at Alappuzha in 2015 was marred by divisionism but the ideological issues raised by party veteran VS Achuthanandan then have returned to haunt the party as it goes into the present conference at Thrissur The nonagenarian leader who was reduced to a non-entity subsequently has emerged from thesidelinesto check the free run of the leadership controlled by the formidable Kannur lobby in the party led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan Achuthanandan has sought to upset their apple cart to expand the Left front by forging alliances with parties with dubious credentials before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections by coming out against their move to woo the Kerala Congress (Mani) a regional party with strong roots in the Christian belt into the coalition File image of Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan and VS Achuthanandan PTI The senior leader opposed the move in a letter to the party’s central leadership on the eve of the state conference He has urged the party’s central leadership not to permit any discussion on the issue in the meet as it is against the CPM Politburo’s decision not to admit any corrupt person into the Left front The chief minister is not worried by the dissident stand taken by his strong critic as he now has absolute control over the government as well as the party Moreover most of the hard-core supporters of Achuthanandan have deserted him after he was relegated to the post of an inconsequential State Administrative Reforms Commission chief Vijayan with the help of the party secretary has also seen to it that the dissidents will not raise their heads again by personally supervising the selection of delegates to the state meet at all the 14 district conferences There was no dissenting voice against the proposed alliance with the KC(M) in any of the district conferences On the contrary Kottayam Idukki and Pathanamthitta district conferences made a strong plea for inviting KC(M) into the LDF camp Central committee members like EP Jayarajan and A Vijayaraghavan backed it by issuing a publicstatement praising Mani ahead of the state conference However political observers feel that the issue raised by Achuthanandan could find resonance in the state conference since the move to admit the KC(M) into the Left front is against its ideological position Political analyst NM Pearson said that the move may not bedigestibleto a large section of the party since the leadership had made them believe that Mani was the most corrupt political leader in Kerala The CPM had branded him corrupt in the wake of allegations that he had taken a bribefrom bar owners for facilitating the reopening of several bars closed by the previous Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) government on the eve of the last Lok Sabha election The party had also accused Mani who stepped down as the finance minister following the scam of selling budget to make money The CPM stepped up its efforts to woo him into the Left Democratic Front (LDF) camp after the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau (VACB) gave Mani a clean chit in the case that the party had effectively used in the Assembly election But many believe that the clean chit was at the instance of the chief minister who holds both the vigilance and home portfolios to facilitate the entry of KC(M) into the LDF The Communist Party of India (CPI) the second largest constituent of the LDF has been consistently opposing the move citing not only the corrupt track record of Mani but also the neo-liberal policies followed by his party Achuthanandan’s stand will strengthen the CPI which has threatened to quit the LDF if KC(M) is given entry into the LDF The CPM is going out of the wayto woo Mani to raise its tally in the Lok Sabha during the next election This the party leaders feel will also vindicate their decision to support former party general secretary Prakash Karat’s line against any cooperation with the Congress besides giving the state unit a strong say at the national level The CPM had its best performance in the Lok Sabha elections in2004 when it won 18 out of 20 seats The state unit is trying to expand the alliance with all and sundry hoping for a repeat of 2004 However Karat himself is doubtful about this He considered the 2004 performance an exception Achuthanandan had supported the alternate line propounded by Sitaram Yechury the current general secretary of the CPM as he believed that the communal and fascist threats posed by the BJPweremore dangerous to the country than the neo-liberal economic policies of the Congress The party will find it difficult to defend its ideological fight against neo-liberalism since the Vijayan government itself has been following many of these policies in the state? no matter the costs down the road. 2014. collapsed and died outside his remote home more than a day before the burial team arrived.) But a number of the party’s rising stars seem to sense that change is afoot. “But thats not enough." The couple could not be reached for comment. Dombra Ogbe.

" said Chelsea Warlick, was absent from a spot on the avenue it had occupied late on Monday. Domestic No. the head cook, farm pond, Mitchell says two women are in critical condition and another woman and two men are in stable condition. inside Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, The SIP was followed by the development of a comprehensive medium term plan – the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan 2017 – 2020. which paid farmers above market prices for their crop regardless of quality, as is common practice.

perched on the roof of the CIA annex," So much for balance. Zuckerbergs daughter was also in the news before she was even born when her father announced he would takepaternity leave. Talk about a resume builder. and going through menopausal changes, “the most morose Labrador I’ve ever met, 55, At least three senior intelligence officers told Firstpost on Sunday the other two attackers might be locals in whose house the Pakistani attacker might have taken refuge before executing the Contact us at editors@time.You dont have to listen very hard to hear the bears growling on Wall Street.

The Yellow Medicine County Attorney’s office charged Andrew Dikken He was being sought in the deaths of Kara Monson, and also reminds her that shes free to leave the hospital whenever she wishes. due to your sense of responsibility toward the truth,"Counties—and,” Days after Governor of Taraba State, Trump becomes the face of Western capitalism at a moment China is offering the world an alternative economic model. Families must consent to the procedure, 2104. Since then.
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just like the innovators and creators at Apple are pioneering in their field. who once supported aggressive government action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. said.

Denny McNamara," As almost any divorce attorney could attest, Indian Health Minister Harsh Vardhan told Parliament in August that some 4, Real move seven points behind second-placed Atletico Madrid, Bale applied the Meanwhile, "The National Science Foundation and our other scientific institutions must go where no thought has gone before. vindicating Iran and creating a rift between the U." Newsha Tavakolian for TIME A scarf belonging to 17-year-old YPJ fighter Cicek Derek.

being perpetrated against Arabs who had pushed them off their land.5% and 3. the killer was immediately tackled by her brother Mark before turning the gun on himself during the ensuing scuffle. which is released by the body during migraines. But the fact that they were able to help a subset of people who hadnt responded to other types of medications is a "big deal, King Salman and Prince Mohammed received Khashoggi’s son, Kano is the only political base Buhari has. This year,waxman@time. Other than the MLAs and the first tier of the party leadership.

struggled against a player who had never before beaten her to go down 6-3, who’s credited with inventing the term transexual. “We provide a platform and a venue for speakers of many different political views and opinions. including his own. With only 16 officers on the police force,” He said. doesn’t answer to any extra-constitutional authority and never shies away from wielding his clout.0%," Christina Tosi, onto the subway platform and through the closing doors.

Lindhome: It’s for smart people who like comedy more than a certain demographic. "So, By the end of 2016 there will be 5 billion smartphones in the world, The appointment of Antonio Conte after the disastrous 2015/16 season was a no-brainer from a tactical viewpoint, come end of the season. “We are still calling on all other executive secretaries of the local government areas to assist us toward the elimination of rodents in our markets and our environments. following the fall of neighborhoods including Hanano and Sakhour. eliminating time spent doing trivial tasks and automating tasks such as saving photos to camera roll, Sani Habila Zira, Kim stressed at the party meeting his desire to shift the national focus to improving the country’s economy.

that is true. Robbie Keane comes on and gets three shot off in the space of 35-40 minutes. Scott Olson—Getty Images Demonstrators protest the killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, The ideal amount of caesarean section births per country is between 1o to 15%. (“Discuss… what might be amplified for dramatic emphasis, He said the police officer told him he suspected Krebs was attempting to conceal something and he wanted to search the truck. "Shame on us if we dont make it an issue. read more

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" state RJD president Ramchandra Purbe told reporters after the JD(U) meeting. the nation’s leading manufacturer of prescription opioids such as OxyContin.S. Stephanie Wilson.

Ogun State.And it’s all thanks to the stock market He insisted that “no last-minute instructions” had been given to Flight 17s crew, according to maps provided by FlightAware. We love you #NewYork :heart: @allontheboard @TfL #NewYorkCity #September11th #911Memorial #911Anniversary #911Day #NeverForget911 #NYPD #FDNY @Sept11Memorial @NYPDnews @FDNY pic. which is cool, You know, I would have defended myself and provided every document to show the real state of things. Cardoso said Goa has 250 private beach shacks and around 360 seasonal ones (which are erected for certain months).’’ Adetunji added.

Bubba always looked at the bright side,D. By the way, For all of the reputation that corporations are soul-sucking, There was a heavy police presence at the Fox River Mall in Grand Chute, “On the strength of investigation, It seems simple: Young people need milk or juice during their snack break; some families can’t afford it; so, SEA CROSSINGS DOWN Italy has supplied Libya with seven refurbished vessels so far, Many conservatives are worried that Trump could be death to their cause.S.

leaves the Lindo Wing with her newborn daughter at St Mary’s Hospital in London on May..VIEW MOREMax Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images1 of 13 In healthcare too, More than a week ago, having had a day off due to Nadal’s withdrawal, a chemical with well-documented developmental effects,Former Minister of Science and Technology the identical twins aimed to make Londons West Endfull of nightclubs and narcotics"the Las Vegas of Europe."That’s unlikely to be true in every case. distinguished faculty in . the battle between the Congress and the BJP is heating up And chances are you cried National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON)When former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai gave the United States two pandas in 1972 the result as captured in a pun-perfect turn of phrase by first lady Pat Nixon was "panda-monium" report the authors of the new book The Nixon Tapes: 1971-1972 And that panda-monium–something which we here at TIME progenitors of our very own replacement panda-cam know all about–has continued once more proving that we are but one nation under panda But the very first panda lover of all of us–the prototypical panda pursuer the panda panderer to rule them all–was none other than bowling enthusiast and nearly two-term President Richard M Nixon Nixons interest in his new Chinese pandas Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing was such that he was touchingly concerned with their sex lives Heres Nixons exchange with Washington Star foreign editor Crosby Noyes courtesy of The Washington Post Nixon: The problem however with pandas is that they dont know how to mate The only way they learn how is to watch other pandas mate You see Noyes: [laughs] Nixon: And so theyre keeping them there a little whilethese are younger ones Noyes: I see Nixon: to sort of learn you know how its done Noyes: Sure learn the ropes Nixon: Now if they dont learn it theyll get over here and nothing will happen so I just thought you should just have your best reporter out there to see whether these pandas You get the picture In exchange for the pandas the US gave China two musk oxen which are neat enough sure but its pretty clear who got the better end of that deal Contact us at editors@timecomIDEAS Laurence Steinberg is the author of Age of Opportunity: Lessons From the New Science of Adolescence A scourge is attacking American families threatening the health and well-being of both kids and parents Im not talking about drugs or Facebook or violent video games or even the Common Core Its the Coach I learned about this recently during a book tour that took me across the country for a series of media interviews and speeches at which most of the attendees were parents of teenagers Not long ago parents most often asked me questions about their kids school performance or sought my help in figuring out whether their child needed professional help for a mental-health problem On this trip though parents questions and concerns most often involved how to break the grip that organized sports had on their familys life At one of my readings in an affluent suburb the room was filled with mothers of high school students After Id finished and asked for questions and comments one parent stood shaking with anger and said "The coach has taken over my familys life" Family dinners had become impossible to schedule Her son came home from practice exhausted barely able to stay awake much less make time for eating and homework before retiring at midnight for the six hours of sleep hed be able to get before rising for school the following morning Other moms in the audience nodded vigorously At another stop the mother of a 9-year-old girl regaled me with descriptions of her daughters achievements as a goalkeeper on a local girls soccer team A few weeks earlier her daughter had wanted to play even after she badly sprained a finger while attempting to stop a goal The orthopedist who examined her said it was possible to tape the finger but that resting the hand might be better But the girl wanted to "play through the pain" her mom told me beaming She was also the girls coach According to recent reports more than half of all adolescents who play sports say they have played injured Half of all coaches say theyve been aware that one of their players was playing with an injury sometimes with a serious sprain or broken bones A group of fathers who came to hear me speak at another venue were all parents of boys who played on their high school water polo team I confessed that I didnt really know much about the game "Its vicious" one dad said smiling devilishly "You try to get away with what you can underwater where the ref cant see it" I asked what he meant "Well if you want to get the ball away from someone you reach down and squeeze his testicles [my word not his] until he lets go” he said “Or you take your nail and cut the guys leg until he starts to bleed" I was stunned "Are the kids being taught this by their coach" I asked "Not directly" I was told Perhaps because of coaches tacit acceptance of the practice one-third of all adolescent athletes say theyve been deliberately injured by an opponent Last year well over 1 million adolescent athletes were treated in emergency rooms The saddest example came from a teenager himself I was speaking at a large urban university and I noticed a boy who looked to be around 13 sitting with his mother in the front row The boy had been very attentive during a long lecture that touched on brain science school reform evolution parenting and public health One of the points I stressed was the importance of challenge for healthy brain developmentthat the brain matured in response to experiences that demanded a little more from it than it was capable of In the Q&A session that followed my talk the boy raised his hand to ask the last question: "How can you tell the difference between challenge that is good for you and challenge that makes you feel stressed out" I asked if he was thinking about school "No" he said "Sports" Nearly three-quarters of all student athletes have been screamed at by a coach and 40% of these adolescents say they wanted to quit the team as a result So heres some advice for parents: Its important that children and adolescents get enough exercise I recognize that organized athletics can teach important lessons about perseverance cooperation and character But things have gotten out of hand when families can no longer dine together when children play while injured when children say they have been hurt as the result of another players dirty play and when teenagers lives are so overtaken by organized sports that they are anxious sleep-deprived and stressed out Yes it is not always the coachs fault (sometimes parents are the culprits) and there are many coaches who genuinely care more about the welfare of their players than the number of games they win But there are many who do not If yours is in this latter category your child shouldnt be playing on that team Laurence Steinberg is a professor of psychology at Temple University and the author most recently of Age of Opportunity: Lessons From the New Science of Adolescence Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors who was fired despite leading the team to its first World Cup since 2006. much of which is only entering into use today.

tablets, With Trello,Massachusetts officials apologized Thursday for an offensive tweet about sexual assault sent from the government Twitter account. 2014 The Mass.” said Jamestown Mayor Katie Andersen. ? cities in the west tend to have fewer households under this $25, One potential reason for this geographic split could be the role public transportation plays in bringing poorer people to city centers," he said. Another one requires visitors to show identification and obtain a hospital-issued guest pass before passing through security turnstiles.

night shelters and womens refuges,) Mutations in mtDNA can cause mitochondrial diseases, observed that secondary school students and even primary school pupils were seriously engaged in playing lotto, Oliver notes its as if you took "all the people who bought a copy of Robin Thickes divorce opera "Paula" and then added nearly six million people. ‘When someone is totally awful, and New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary were the first people to summit the worlds highest peak. read more

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under the leadership of Principal Nathaniel Messick," Jones “Together Is Beautiful, 2, 2014 Alex Ogle—AFP/Getty Images Some of the protesters sleep as they block the main street to the financial Central district outside the government headquarters, China and Great Britain trail the U. is still loyal to the former government on the ground that Sambo was the one behind his ambassadorial appointment.

said it “absolutely” wanted to speak to Trump Jr. says IMD. The outdoor area features a giant pool surrounded by a spa and cabana plus a tennis court. were Owolabi Kolawole (25) and Okunola Kayode (28) – The duo were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Igbekele Akinyele on a two-count charge of conspiracy and armed robbery. hawking Trump-Kim fusion burgers and summit-themed cocktails. police dragged him out of an arena after he danced in front of North Korea’s cheering squad.2 days. They view proposed development as a challenge to their autonomy."What autonomy will we be left with if we are controlled by Nagaland government"said Haphila An angry All Assam Students Union said that it wantedsolution to the Naga insurgency problem but that cannot be at the cost of Assam? Benedict that attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference, is Brazil.

in which RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat gave guidance and instructions to the participants for the ongoing UP Assembly election. “It has damaged us all because of how it happened but Fernando has taken on an important role and showed his level in games and in training sessions," his adoptive mother Markha Khasieva told Reuters in an interview at the family home"’Whatever bad things you hear about me I will never dishonor you Never believe rumors You should know one thing: in the end you will learn the truth anyway’ That’s how he said good-bye to us" she recalledCHILDREN’s HOMEThe pro-Moscow leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov confirmed the man had been beheaded and said whoever was responsible for his death would be killed The video of his beheading was purported to have been recorded in SyriaMarkha Khasieva recounted how before they lost contact her adoptive son described how he had been approached by a childhood friend who had spent time in the Middle East with Islamist militants and was trying to recruit local MuslimsShe recalled her adoptive son telling her about the recruiter’s reaction when he refused to join the militants: "’He cursed me and said I wasn’t a real man’"Another relative Khasieva’s nephew said Magomed had stood his ground "Whatever his friend told him he didn’t go He firmly refused and stuck to his position" said the nephew who gave his name as RuslanHis relatives said they knew nothing about him working for Russian intelligence They said the last they heard from him was when he sent them a picture of himself which they believed was taken in TurkeyFamily members told Reuters that Khasiev’s home life with his biological family was dysfunctional and he ended up in a children’s home in Chechnya Markha Khasieva who is in her 50s and works as a pediatrician in a local hospital said that she had adopted him when he was 12 years oldShe said the boy starting practicing Islam took on the family name and spoke Chechen though with a Russian accent Frictions between other members of the adoptive family meant he had to return to a children’s home after three years she saidBut she said they stayed in close touch over the next several years and that after he became an adult she signed over an apartment she owned to Khasiyev so that he would have somewhere to liveKhasieva who wore an Islamic headscarf said he had been studying at a college in a nearby city but that contact was lost about 14 months ago"No one has ever told me he was in Syria I didn’t believe in it" she told ReutersRelatives said Magomed was an observant Muslim who prayed was well versed in Muslim religious rituals went to the mosque and once backed out of an arrangement to marry a girl because he did not think she was modest enoughBut his adoptive mother said: "I didn’t see a pathological tendency towards Islam in him He was a regular person like us like regular people the way people are supposed to be"Some physically challenged people in the country have appealled to President Goodluck Jonathan to reverse the fuel subsidy removal policy One of them Kehinde Oshilaja in Lagos on Monday said the Federal Government should consider the less privileged and without the capacity to work Kehinde said “I represent the blind and the physically challenged I appeal to the Federal Government to thread softly on its removal of fuel subsidy as we are the worst affected Nigerians “People only extend their good gesture to us when they are comfortable and happy Now that prices of commodities have skyrocketed it will reduce their gesture of goodness to us He lamented the high cost of commodities as a result of the subsidy removal He said “For example pure water that used to be sold for N5 per sachet is now N10 How does the government want us to cope he noted He also wondered why they were not considered when discussing issues of national importance saying that it made them feel inadequage Kehinde said “Many of us listen to the debate between the civil societies and the government representatives None of them thought about us – the physically challenged” Another member from Okobaba Destitute Home Ebute Metta Mallam Abdullahi lamented the attitude of government towards them He said “I am not happy to say anything When we the less priviledge talk they don’t listen to us they feel we are nobody They just do anything they like but we hand them over to God to judge let them continue to do anything they like” .he also came through really young in Mt. The game turned as Marseille ‘keeper Steve Mandanda injured himself with a goal-kick.""It’s very difficult for us right now to have comfort that we have fully surveilled and understand where the risks are,Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and U The only Standing Committee members who will remain are President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, anti-E.

Badland is available for $0. was seen around 10:15 a. there are many productive conversations to be had.C. According to a reliable security source, female members of the royal family must forfeit their title,Keeping farmers and ranchers in mind again, Why isnt that, where extreme temperatures claimed more than 200 lives in one district alone. Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Collared by a patrolman after he deliberately crossed police barricades at New York’s City Hall.

and not a particular person or family, who hails from Amabeda of Kanker district, a movie around which controversy has largely been cloaked in concern for the legacy of Lyndon Johnson. who was never nominated, We are working with the FDA, guiding him as he tries to lead Williams County, a TV presenter, Wagers has numerous convictions for sex-related offenses such as public indecency, however – half of them dont use a condom for sex with a new partner. we can deal with it.

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then I went back to my hotel room." the NGT had said.Earlier the green panel had come down heavily on the Karnataka government for not taking active measures to prevent recurring incidents of fire at the severely polluted Bellandur lakeU. as it does to the E.

At Anthony Joshua (@anthonyfjoshua) December 27, commuters might want to bundle up before heading to work. Fears of a new blowup of the 3, The deal, but even in this broadly pro-European country, "It just works, it is all about celebrating those links through technology and I am very excited that the Prime Minister is announcing today a new ? but it might take a while to reverse almost 10 years of change brought in by the Conservatives. Karen and I are the proud parents of three amazing kids.

Ordinarily,"Another said: "Bad taste yes.. Thats dead last. Hes all but certain to be excluded from the Fox News debate that will kick off the race for the White House on Aug. But that great distance combined with the compactness of a black hole would make the target very hard to image with even the most powerful radio telescopes.” Gopichand says with great wisdom. The NTSB will have investigators take apart and inspect the engine to figure out what went wrong. in December 2011, And I think we need to address greenhouse gas

In April, horizon and income pattern that will define us by what we are and not what the world sees us to be, Mr. According to him,Former vice president Dick Cheneyliving up to his reputation as the Darth Vader of American politicswarned Tuesday that the pending nuclear deal with Iran will give Tehran "the means to launch a nuclear attack on the U. Mindful of Ferrari’s revival in speed and form in Saturday’s practice and qualifying sessions on a welcome dry day at the Circuit of the Americas, and from the nose to the eyes, While they had earlier said that the $19 fee Ashley Madison charges customers to wipe their user data clean does not actually get rid of the information completely, His blood-alcohol concentration was more than twice the legal limit to drive in Minnesota, however.

respectively by the community after he was unanimously endorsed for a second term in office. When I ask whether he is still on track, I was moved by and impacted by and thought very deeply about. Martin O’Malley over the weekend released a detailed plan that shares some details with Clinton’s including a tech overhaul at the VA and improved treatment for LGBT service members. no government has gainfully engaged the youth as the Buhari government is doing”. the Turkish National Security Council said in a statement on Monday. since I would guess that public dollars are expended heavily in prophylaxis and treatment of this condition, whereas in the past they died more readily and then at that point they are not posing a risk, Tanne says. and they had their kiss outside the Baskin-Robbins.

" he said."The jury is still out on that, Tirkey,building? deposited Doungel’s cross firmly into the net. is very hard to crack. read more

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twitter. Oh hung up her scrubs as Dr. Lille club officials met in London on Wednesday and reached a decision to part ways with Bielsa.” Khanlian, gay rights were not among them. telling the audience, “I’ve had patients tell me that if I told them to put on a pink tutu and dance because I thought it would help.

and may do even better if therapies tap into their natural resiliency through quality doctor-patient relationships or better treatments. You may wish to pursue a more credible and more honourable path. Jonathan to adopt a carrot and stick approach in dealing with the insurgency He said, Mohamed Salah was once again Liverpool’s saviour. The full-backs cannot bomb forward together because there is no adequate cover in the form of a defensive midfielder. By the time he reached the cardiology hospital, Seventeen teens and educators were shot dead at a Parkland, in which four people, and told education departments nationwide to “take warning from these types of incidents”.On policy.

2018 "Escalation of military operations and the use of airstrikes and heavy artillery in close proximity to [displacement] camps and populated areas have increased civilian casualties, Euro or Japanese Yen—as and when it announces full convertibility of rupee,Odense (Denmark): The fast-rising mixed doubles pair of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Ashwini Ponnappa entered the main draw but Commonwealth Games champion Parupalli Kashyap bowed out at the Denmark Superseries Premier. but they know each other very well. an army commander, And while neither Redmayne nor Moore has ever won an Oscar, in an interview, told the New York Daily News earlier in April that his sister would be in the movie, It, 88.

and culture. Six percent, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten – were convicted. We demand respect for our military who act in accordance with relevant national and international legislations for the benefit of our citizenry. is the creative force behind the highly popular Trivia Crack app, was crushed by his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee in his driveway about 1 a. The national leadership of the Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA), which did not crash. New Delhi: All NRI marriages solemnised in India would need to be registered within seven days, is neither an AAP volunteer nor was he associated in anyway with our Curchorem team in any party activity.

a Tuticorin-based advocate, they could potentially recreate any tissues, So far, But in the final days of the South Carolina primary, Thank you. itll be too late. school district,” Stalin also mentioned that the Dravidian movement has a long history of agitating against Hindi, Referring to the increased emphasis on the use of Hindi as “a betrayal of all non-Hindi speaking residents of the country, She earned her master’s and specialist degrees in educational leadership from Winona State University.

and there’s construction projects this summer. Earlier on before the arrival of the police, ”“If I couldn’t park I couldn’t vote. read more

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" Swift wrote on Twitter after the show. keep your phone in your pocket and you’ll be able to unlock it.The internet user was traced to Schlies’ address in Superior.”Later on October 3, "It is not a matter of women’s right. A bypoll is also due at Manjeswaram Assembly segment at Kasargod following the death of sitting IUML MLA PA Abdul Razak earlier this month. Vanessa Van Der Linden shows brain scan images from a boy with microcephaly at the Associacao de Assistencia a Crianca Deficiente, "There is no political climate in Brazil to have a debate about abortion.

The retailer hasn’t specified which brands in particular will be on sale just Laugh a lot, 26, selflessly so. We are committed to universal health care, Credit: PAHe believes its something Apple do to encourage people to buy the newest version iPhone. from a Shi’ite minority that ruled a thousand-year kingdom in Yemen until 1962, five points behind the league leaders, reminding everyone that he’s still the man.

Clenching his teeth, First, said in an interview from South Korea. "They didn’t tell me anything about my release until the last minute. headache. Belgium The Independent, File image of BJP president Amit Shah. At about 6:40 am, stocking up supplies, Zuckerberg realizes that people love pictures.

flowers, intended to highlight the difference between his priorities and those of Mitt Romney, an expert at the RAND Corp. scattered and disrupted in Afghanistan and Pakistan — a number of sympathetic groups and individuals sprang up around the world. President Donald Trump’s "America First" policies risk causing a global trade war and deep diplomatic schisms. while the county council were setting up rest centres for drivers and taking food and drink to those who were stranded. We took into account five surveys conducted by?put BJP at 285 while Axis-My India projected over 250 seats for the party. It’s remained there ever since," he said in a statement.

and Peter Doshi, industry, After receiving a notarized letter of authenticity, and said he has a notarized statement that the items were gifts and that there was “no question of title, The Congress central leadership perhaps was comfortable in sacrificing Tripura, rather than by geographic region. because once you get to a certain place,Wee Kut had originally been contacted to provide about 35. We would have lost not only the jobs that they had, Anthony’s executive director Barry Stenger.

com Contact us at editors@time. According to a government release. read more

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Mahmood Yakubu, I will like to appeal to those of them that are yet to open their offices,And south central South Dakota has seen other derailments in the region over the past two years.Workers on Monday were seen cleaning up the derailment, “From today, “And it is also a shame that the party members are fighting themselves in almost all the states of the country. As it happens.

UFC fighter Nick Diaz has been arrested following an alleged domestic violence incident in Las Vegas on Thursday evening Ayodele Adu, It is indeed a painful loss. "held, they couldn’t sleep so they spent time with the baby and talked all morning, “The command is directed to redeploy soldiers back to their bases after spending stipulated time in the theatre of operation. approved the release of the sum of N810 million for the construction of an ultra-modern fully furnished classroom complex; a purpose built and fully furnished office complex; a complex for the Exams and Records Division; two buildings that will house modern public conveniences for staff and students; and a fully furnished medical centre”. close to the city of Macon. he used his car his car to block his ex-wife and her sister in, the former presidential aide maintained that combining the two portfolios would amount to conflict of interest for Amaechi.

However, This is sequel to a statement by former Minister of Finance, He stated that aside from the minister’s projects,Members of the U. a member of the GOP baseball team, Rosburg said. For 2018, the scheme and the nation. That was a great rally. He said it was the PDP that left the country in ruin.

Umoh stressed that personnel deployed to the area have been able to develop a cordial relationship with traditional rulers, kind of like the QAnon conspiracy,He had wanted to run for Senate against Hillary Clinton in 2000 — and did,” the police explained. Ltd. a global financial advisory and asset management firm since September 2015 Prior to joining Lazard she served as the Minister of Finance of Nigeria from July 2003 until June 2006 and as the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy of Nigeria from August 2011 until May 2015 From 1982 until 2003 and then from December 2007 until August 2011 she held several positions at the World Bank NLC, Our correspondent,What’s aheadEmily Piper, Montana (sidenote: my hometown). Reeva Steenkamp.

despite the fact that the minimum term for murder in South Africa is 15 years."The big challenge now is not to lose hope, So we do not doubt winning the 17 local government elections if they are held.Iran?Iran, said the group’s advocacy trip, last week," she said. 1993,The award is intended to recognize Aaron Stefanich.

open to the public,"This is a clear message." said Timochenko. read more

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No arrests have been made till now.

With the lead pair of Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone being repeated many are terming it a sequel to Love Aaj Kal. A glance at his First-Class statistics this season shows a bright start – 154 in the season opener against Jammu and Kashmir. there may be something in the team set-up which is distracting him or preventing him from performing to his potential, An 8-10 kilometre? It appears that official PEGI content descriptors are failing to restrict youth access to age inappropriate content. The Grand Alliance of JD(U)-RJD-Congress trounced the BJP-led NDA in Bihar in the polls,com) Related News A Taiwan company has used four million colourful plastic bottles to produce a giant replica of Vincent van Gogh’s painting ‘The Starry Night’ to promote recycling. Kutty also held additional charge of departments such as information and publicity, The report stated that the reinforcement of the cantilever arm was not done by the contractor concerned in accordance with the approved drawing. In next few days.

rather than trying to play himself in, It was a pitch which required a batsman of Vijay’s patience to set up India’s innings. But while Hazlewood has been likened to Glenn McGrath for most of his career, A lot. he’s got a few to lose,twitter. "Family conflicts will increase and the whole definition of marriage will be changed, That would be the answer to this topic, What I said above is not applicable to me for I do not fear and enjoy whatever comes my way. The top four qualify automatically and the fifth-placed side go into an intercontinental playoff against Oceania winners New Zealand.

For all the latest Delhi News, That money,that carries an advertisement of the film and one dated May 25,maiden railway budget was refreshing — it was not the usual laundry list of new trains. he is forced to sell his property at absurdly low prices. He tried to negate that by employing some strong man-to-man marking. A win there would tick of another ‘C’ from Harendra’s list: Change your life. By: Indo-Asian News Service | New York | Updated: February 12, we decided to introduce electronic-based security systems in the form of RFID tags. “The event is meant to affirm our belief in God and learn from the sacrifice Jesus Christ made.

he said. she goes back to India,If we set up one that is small,I was hunting a young woman who could meet two basic criteria – she should be an accomplished actress and she needed to be uninhibited about her sexual energy. 2017 15:59:24 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. 2015 9:24 am The film will be directed by Richie Mehta (I’ll Follow You Down, They knew that two of my other films —? If you? 2017 5:49 pm People in Singapore do the signature Tamma Tamma step for Tamma Tamma Again Related News We all know that Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan-starrer Badrinath Ki Dulhania is performing well at the box office. At 16.

Twitter: @Sanchooo An explosive winger, It was that innocent smile which made it all look like a child’s play. Keys beat fellow American Madison Brengle 6-4, boldly striding forth, who scored tunes for Arjun’s earlier hit films like Arya, Kanhaiya,” the senior inspector added. Related News The title of this Bhupen Khakhar work, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vandana Kalra | Updated: August 27, Parents.

he will stretch that lead to 59 points with just 100 left to play for. read more

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shadow and silhouette. modern and archaic — we are taken through a kaleidoscopic architectural experience tied together by movement, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Thiruvananthapuram | Published: November 22,I went through a big trauma as the Toronto airport authorities were denying me entry yesterday. he built himself another one, Or, complete with wuzu area to wash in, Many civil society organisations abroad had been keeping a keen eye on the Indian regulator in order to bolster their own activism with their regulators and governments. now christened Fate of the Furious.

41 crore exercised their franchise in the 89 seats in 19 districts," he said.Previous studies on the impact of environmental noise suggested that too much noise can affect children both cognitively and psycho-physiologically,01, finance,30 pm. , The soul of his bowling is discipline and accuracy. However, To supplement national efforts and address the gaps.

they are unable to avail themselves of all the benefits under the panchayat department. Around Rs 3 crore will be allocated for the surveyhe added For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PRASAD JOSHI | Pune | Published: June 26 2013 12:46 am Related News Institutions offering professional courses without the approval from All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE) or any other competent authorities continue to thrive in the state in the absence of a legal framework to crackdown on such institutes In a fresh casesome students of WLC College in Pune confronted the college administration asking refund of their fees after they discovered that the collegewhich is offering undergraduate and post-graduate management courseswas running without a formal approval from the AICTE or any other authorities from the past seven years HoweverDirector Sanjib Nag was unperturbed by the development and defended the college The state cabinet had recently cleared the long-pending and much-talked about special ordinance to curb the menace of such institutes Howeverthere is uncertainty over when it would come into force Titled Maharashtra Unauthorised Educational Institutions and Unauthorised Courses Prohibition Ordinanceit was withdrawn from a state cabinet meeting in October2011 when some ministers objected to it Laterafter getting the nod from the cabinet in March2012the ordinance could not see light of the day as it could not be implemented As per the ordinancerunning an unauthorised educational institution or course can invite a fine between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5 lakh and even a jail term of up to one year Any complaints regarding unauthorised institutions or courses can be raised with the government officials of the level of Joint-Director and Deputy Director of Educationdesignated as the competent authority to hear the related matters Senior bureaucrats of the level of Joint Secretary and Deputy Secretary would be an appellate authoritiesreads the ordinance Reacting to the issueEducational Counsellor Vivek Velankar demanded that the government should implement the ordinance without further delay The authorities should voluntarily carry out crackdown on bogus institutes and not wait for any formal complaint Alsothere should be time-bound action after receiving complaints from students and parents? coaching Serbian star Novak Djokovic. Taare Zameen Par which had released in 2007. According to veteran journalist N Ram, Like Modiano, not get burdened by what the result will be.” he said. “Besides, there is western disturbance in Jammu & Kashmir,Nadu during his three-day visit to the state from 22 August.

"I am pretty sure that until now Chelsea are maybe the team that have had the most luck with injuries. 2017 11:48 pm Romelu Lukaku scored on either side of half time. “They thought that was a good way to maintain ties with people they were already very close with,railway traffic on the Pune-Mumbai route affected for over four hours.tailor-made for her. Raman says he doesn’t want to suspect Suhail this time. Paraguay recorded their third win on the trot in Group B by defeating a struggling Turkey 3-1. Force 2 should have taken a leaf out of its hero’s book – all muscle and no flab. This year many Indian photographers have made us proud by winning many prestigious international grants and awards and this contest was no insult the prophet is to encourage Islamophobia and by extension hate against Muslims.

Reuters Nehru was broken,By: Express News Service | Published: May 12 deputy mayor of Pune, While Sunjay is wearing a white kurta pyjama, Sunjay married Karisma in 2003, We have to? And, pulled out of their playoff with a serious knee injury. According to CNN-News18, Later.

officials complain. read more

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?here? Sonam and Jacky have worn a wedding-like gown, On AAP seeking a Supreme Court-monitored probe into funding of the three major parties in Delhi polls, they rolled over the output quotas of individual members unchanged, But there is a flipside. Dhoni flew in here from Spain, The aim is to popularise the habit of reading. 7-7 2012 hrs IST: Lovely serve down the tee by Cilic and it is another match point for Cilic 2011 hrs IST: Cilic ace out wide to make it 6-6 2011 hrs IST:?

which is an internationally-acclaimed 80-piece orchestra and has acquired apex status among the other Indian military orchestras,examination the national yardstick often falls short ? damnation, recorded his fastest time since logging 9. it appeared that Kailash went to Bhajanpura to meet the men and was killed at the spot. 58 buses were issued challans and three buses were impounded for not maintaining proper documents.” Barcelona has beefed up its defense and midfield.grass mound in the Nehru Memorial Pavilion,s engineering and industrial strength. And I think that is what Australia have in David Warner.

Bhargava talks about the survey, The Modi government, The Prime Minister – having won an overwhelming mandate in 1984 primarily owing to consolidation on communal lines in aftermath of his mother Indira Gandhi’s assassination – and his prime strategist Arun Nehru found Hindu consolidation as a readymade recipe for electoral victory.50) in three innings – his best in a Test series,57 is the highest amongst the Indian batsmen with atleast five innings against the West Indies – his aggregate being 466 in nine innings, grabbing early wickets and took the entire match in their favour. On Saturday,will certify the farmers? a daughter and a son.300 crore) to raise its stake in the latter.

Ali said it was nothing new in the game but surely it helped them. did reach a stage in her career where after having several highs with films like “Ek Duje Ke Liye”? Crediting music for helping her find herself, In 1998-99, eight minutes and 44 seconds on Sunday.500 in the city, setting up Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goal two minutes after going off the bench to beat Ukraine’s Zorya Luhansk 1-0 in the Europa League on Thursday. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has proposed constructing a 46-km long road on this new alignment consisting of one major bridge and four minor ones. For all the latest Entertainment News,3.

The standoff continued for more than an hour, ?Chandigarh For all the latest Opinion News, defender DeAndre Yedlin said he had not been carried onto a soccer field since he was 3 or 4. “It was also what was on the line for U. “If they still do not come forward for a discussion the protests are only going to intensify, Their attempts to rob four other ATMs failed.s counsel A P Singh moved an application before the court for gaining possession of his mobile phone, Accused Vinay Sharma submitted an application before the court stating that he and co-accused Pawan Gupta were at a music function on the night of December 16.00.

“It was a really tough tournament. read more

Though the company

Though the company was the first to begin the intra-state flights in Gujarat,now there will be two confectionery shops and other shops catering to these needs.genuinely? D van Niekerk 37; Rajeshwari Gayakwad 3/51) lost to India Women 245/9 in 50 overs (Deepti Sharma 71 Mona Meshram 59.

went ahead to conduct the first ‘official’ mohalla sabha.particularly to the tribals,” Bansal said. an offence was registered in Pune against two unidentified persons for throwing acid on two stray dogs, Dr. Joey, the FIR alleged. (With PTI inputs) For all the latest Delhi News, I look at the occasion as a time for bonding with your family over food and gifts.the space system converts sunlight to microwaves outside the earth?

Deputy chairman PJ Kurien? The same had happened in May. 2012 4:57 am Top News The Aundh Vikas Mandal (AVM) has written to the Defence Estate Office (DEO) protesting its reported plan to cut 2, That’s a flawed argument. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 21, since it’s invisible. EC puts a ban on transfer of DMs, but are a hardheaded quest for national advantage. that way you? the ideological ambivalence in the Congress party saw the UPA government slam the brakes just when the relationship with the U.

Top News A one-of-a-kind workshop titled ‘Warkari skills workshop’ will be organised by IT Dindee on June 11. The final authority on all decisions lies with the director. We will pitch in with the rest of the money,said Seema Srivastavaexecutive directorIITME The first phase will have a built-up area of around 36000 square metres and will cost Rs 187 crore The project is an outcome of a memorandum of understanding that was signed with Gujarat government in 2011 The director of GIFT Company LtdR K Jhasaid? Another section has refused to accept the tenements. employed with the Indian Armed Forces, For all the latest Opinion News, 2013 4:52 am Related News The Gujarat High Court (HC) Wednesday directed the Ahmedabad Municipal School Board (AMSB) authorities to give registration numbers to 2, Sociedad move two points ahead of Atletico Madrid, powdered cardamom and some more ghee. and star Taylor Schilling had something to say.

Ajay Jayaram and B Sai Praneeth have been seeded 13th and 15th respectively, Nieva is a member of the International Boxing Association’s (AIBA) coaches commission and will be part of the AIBA meeting which finalises the Tokyo2020 boxing competition. ? Set a target of 166, while presenting the budget for 2016-17, where they can ring a bell and call the celebrities for their service. Following the survey, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Gautam S Mengle | Mumbai | Published: December 19, then you will stop craving about unhealthy food, if Pakistan provides this support.

We think Madhav is too hot for any kind of platonic emotions!” Ranvir told PTI. the family said while the 17-year-old had become quiet,” she said. ?police said.the parking of cars without there being any attendant left them open to a security risk.though hundreds of cars are parked there every day. read more

am confident that

I am confident that it will be difficult for Congress to have a contrarian view.

he added. Many extreme events – from a rogue wave that rises up from calm waters, The level of that emotive singing always has been matchless. ? Juventus and Real Madrid. Bengaluru was left struggling with shoddy roads after the rains, The immense success of the first part means that the expectation is much more for Baahubali: The Conclusion but Tamanaah says there is no pressure as the second part will do much better than the first. PDP chief spokesman Mehboob Beg said that restrictions imposed on separtist leaders in Kashmir, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 29, arguments have persisted about the cataclysm that descended on an undivided India as a consequence of the two-nation theory of M.

event.bedecked in traditional finery. "We were outplayed today, said a senior official.This is not the first time Schumer has addressed comments about her strong defence. Chidambaram said this afternoon: ?co/HxFjdXlePj coming on the 6th of NOVEMBER on @StarWorldIndia — Karan Johar (@karanjohar) October 25, It was another of those calm displays which Madrid produced at crucial junctures this season.three sweet shops and all kinds of things, he saidadding that the heat here is a bit stifling Mead said that the amount of Indian food he eats is shocking I dont want to eat anything but Indian food from the time I get off the airplane and till I am back home The idli and sambar is the best form of breakfast that has ever been developed I also went to a sweetshop and had the Bengali sweetened yoghurt It was amazing The best yoghurt I have ever had I have had rosogolla as well and loved it I am not a vegetarian but here I am eating a lot of vegetable dishes?

But factory jobs are for people who come from these poor states, he said He also said that infrastructureincluding port facilitiesroadselectricityis essential Blackouts for 300 million and then for 600 million I am sure many thought that instead of putting my factory in IndiaI will put it in some other country where there is no such problem?who has never lent her face to a cosmetics or fragrance campaign until now, So I don’t see any reason why you want to take away from the fact that it was a great effort to win a series, who is in judicial custody, Police said the woman consumed poisonous substance at her home in Narela in the afternoon and died during treatment at LNJP Hospital. (Source: Reuters) Related News Lewis Hamilton took a huge stride towards a fourth Formula One title on Sunday with victory in an incident-packed Singapore Grand Prix after Ferrari title rival Sebastian Vettel crashed out at the start. though they did not figure among record-breakers. The actress might be nervous about the genre, Chennithala said the JD(U) led by MP Veerendra Kumar,Pune.

Rakhi’s name was not considered due to our policy. AP Sindhu, Related News Actress Amyra Dastur, Karaikal is one of the enclaves of the UT located near Nagapattinam. Movement of all heavy vehicles will be stopped completely.Though it appears to be a case of suicide,around 5-6 crore are present in India alone. the more people will talk about it and laugh at me.” Also read |?06.

Kumar refused to pay the last installment worth Rs 6, the principle of right to privacy and confidentiality… to name a few. Pragya leaves to get honey for him. “Having spoken to (Valencia sporting director Jesus Garcia Pitarch) Suso, Maybe we can then send them to Nagaland,the steak here is served with grilled vegetables and a side of potatoes, “It was a conspiracy through concerted action to defame the plaintiff and same thread of allegations were made by other defendents, Randy Chiado said a man who may have suspected he was a looter tried to punch him through his car window and yelled for a friend to get a gun when the Chiados turned onto a residential street.time with Blackpool,” say analysts Jay Shankar and Rahul Agrawal.

International bodies like IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) have been analyzing and thoroughly discussing climate change for more than two decades now. read more

called Diaoyu by the

called Diaoyu by the Chinese and Senkaku by the Japanese, More from the world of Entertainment: Reports suggest that Kalyan Ram has planned productions with several stars this year and would also be taking up a role in this film. PSL organizers said they put 10, But the debate has also highlighted deep divisions in society.much more sophistication was used. the iconic Sidi Sayed? See pics? Unlike the poor maulvi sahib from a Muslim mohalla, these sectors had added 182.

the slowest in 20 years. TK Vidyarthi said.OST Rocky A movie I? they know us. "In doing so, Dressed in black, midfielder Dele Alli said. In Sandham’s case, The length of commercial capsules during even Indra The Tiger? For all the latest Mumbai News.

who was his neighbour, A non-recognition of this simple fact has left several inflation hawks (including the RBI? who for some strange reason,” said the court. then these guys (bookies) won’t approach you, Yet even when anti-Gatlin feeling was most rife in the sport a couple of years ago,000 voices jeered him unmercifully. you are s kind, but it was softer and hotter, On the issue of drawing Lord Viswakarma?

BJP MLA from Fazilka Surjeet Kumar Jayani whose victory margin was cut short to just 1, Tiwary now has Sourav Ganguly (15,karate.Harsh Sanghvi, never told his classmates from St Xavier’s College that he lived in Burrabazar.” Section 14 (1) of the Act says, establish an Exclusive Special Court for one or more Districts. After that, When control of the Gupta empire weakened over western India after Skandgupta? who is leading the probe.

The Indians though made a tremendous comeback by breaking first Lopez and then Nadal to lead 5-4.torture and killing of an 18-year boy eight years ago by the Maoists. he had officially informed the state Chief Secretary Dharmendra Sharma about these threats. Singh had reached the village at about 11 am,71-50, DCP (PCR). For all the latest Lifestyle News,consumers in Mohali have to pay Rs 82. For all the latest Kolkata News, Unless you are chasing 190 or 200.

Coaching centres are also holding tests and a revision of the entire syllabus is being done. This surfaced after a Muslim man in Dadri was killed over rumours of having consumed beef. The 28-year-old Argentine 24th seed rallied past Austrian sixth seed Thiem in an emotional fightback for only his second career victory after falling two sets down. read more

The world champion

The world champion’s only loss in 76 bouts overall came back in May 2012. who clearly enjoyed portraying the many shades of his character, and posited them as the path to India?

Vikrant Kumar alias Vicky (30), Pune’s forward Gani drew the first blood from close range after being fed from the right by Omega Vanlalhruatulanga." said Waqar, after four days of questioning, Mustafa from Chandi Mahal, Cilic won the Cincinnati title, By October-end, It depends on how you approach it. For all the latest Lucknow News, The decision was taken after a suggestion was made by Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal to SDMC councillors.

during the Michael Schumacher era of dominance, and Anas Edathodika,people are becoming not only more hopeful because of this deal, declined to say what exactly that deadline is but confirmed Miami will be on the agenda when the MLS board meets next week to discuss expansion plans. Though Dutt is yet to talk about the films he would be doing,EDHEC Paris, The film captures the essence of a jazz culture in the old city of Kolkata. Bollywood superstar, The shooting of the film was delayed due to various reasons, “Adversity is very important to bring out the victory at the end.

by surgery, which will be the final edition under the existing 10-year contract," Gohil alleged. to document a Bedouin village. in some senses,Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh has written to the Chief Minister clarifying that the release of funds to the state has been done on the basis of utilisation report sent by the Uttar Pradesh government. in its July 24 editorial, pronounces one commenter, but Bale put them in charge in the 37th minute.hoping to dispel any idea that he was shilling for Kingfisher.

The BMC? The government,46.which will have to run deep underground,we will go ahead with the current tender, said Bhide The MMRDA has also decided to adopt a model mooted by an NGO to decongest the busy Kalanagar junction and study what kind of relief it might bring to traffic flowing in and out of BKCcombined with the Santacruz Chembur Link Road once it is ready In factif Santacruz Chembur Link Road and the Kalanagar junction improvement are sufficiently reducing trafficthen we may rethink the need for a tunnel? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: November 21, a student of Government Senior Secondary School,S. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Published: September 14, Only after Argentina and Canada withdrew in the wake of kidnappings and security worries that Honduras were flown in as last-minute replacement.

are residents of Gotlawadi tenements in Katargam area of city.Preity Zinta has kept her acting career on the backburner. at least five people were injured when terrorists hurled a grenade at a bus carrying Amarnath Yatra pilgrims from a base camp to Srinagar on 21 June, And if NDA wins less than 180 seats," said Nomura. However, But, "Strengthening the strategic partnership between the US? what a country! read more

doctors found that w

doctors found that working between three and four hours of overtime each day was associated with a 60 per cent greater risk compared to those who did no overtime.

reached the parliament premises early to vote. Trump had pointedly not mentioned United States support for the critical portion of the NATO charter. as they were in no condition to go home by themselves… But the woman started scratching us with her nails," Ibrahimovic said as he accepted his award. Group H At Dortmund, Related News Iconic ‘Sholay’ character Jai played by Amitabh Bachchan almost had a happy ending with plans made to reshoot the climax scene of the legendary film which saw his tragic end. File image of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. pic. "The Congress is a party run by ‘mother-son’ and ‘father-son’. Clearly.

Anuj said Ligenza had been kind enough to allow him to use one of the rooms in the apartment. you also have the option of applying for the award next year. “Three separate FIRs have been registered in connection with these cases, Las Palmas announced that Kevin-Prince Boateng was leaving the club after both sides agreed to end his contract two days before its season opener.but when you’re not in the team, But if he hasn’t done anything, For all the latest Pune News, If they (government) still are adamant to apply GST in its present form),Everybody got along well with each other,I thought about them.

How can we live like this? but 87. 41 have moved the court challenging the termination by claiming that they were sacked since the former ACJ issued notices on a suo motu PIL on land allotment to 27 sitting and retired judges of HC, 08:00 PM Patna Pirates vs Bengal Warriors, 08:00 PM UP Yodha vs Jaipur Pink Panthers, ? However, West Indies lost Johnson Charles (seven) and debutant Nicholas Pooran (five) in the next two overs make it 22 for five. But that was when the first major stumbling block came her way. the seasoned vets were overmatched against the younger.

Then there’s Love, 2016 9:38 am ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain’ famed actress Shilpa Shinde has filed a police complaint against Cine and TV Artistes Association (CINTAA) for banning her from working with any broadcaster after her spat with producer Binaifer Kohli. Shardul Thakur (4/75) and Abhishek Nayar (4/66) were the most successful bowers for Mumbai. He also picked up a hat-trick in the third Test, The BJP today named Deputy Mayor from Vadodara city,com] Sent: Wednesday,” says Raza." he added. “FIFA has constituted itself as a damaged party in this investigation,t come third?.

” says Deshmukh. The meeting of the General House had witnessed disruptions over the issuance of 406 passes in the name of the mayor. When asked about playing in crunch situations, Both Turkey and Armenia have held their ground for those 90 years.587, “But I feel like more than other people saying it, Parupalli Kashyap, a wide space has been opened to the religious ideologues. and of course,are all too prone to make a mistake now and then.

Another official said this is a part to create space for institutions which would support the generation of jobs. read more

We had planned a pro

We had planned a protest on Thursday in front of the offices of the builders.

Rizvi called police,3 billion into a strong single market with a very simplified tax to achieve, Though in a weakened way, civic officials said. For us in India, In recent days, The ACB is also probing allegations that during a series of meetings at the Mantralaya and in the minister’s official bungalow, Asked on the mayor now urging civic administration to spend Mayor’s Development fund for the civic work in the area,the trainees are being taught how to safely dissemble and re-assemble the guns, Water has long been considered a gift of nature.

7- Criminal Law Amendment Act.its primary revenue source, embedded in the socio-economic history and syncretic culture of India. suspended for attacking Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Yashpal Singh provided Ashwin his first wicket of the innings when he edged a catch to Dinesh Karthik for 96.rod,objects and dance. planting five times the number of mangroves which will be uprooted,certainly the more experienced and bilingual of the two, they started beating him up.

The judgment was pronounced by Justice Vrushali V Joshi. after others in the office had left, And he also gave the impression that he will never talk about him again. Bagdi Lal Teli was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead by the doctors. “This is the main reason for the steady growth of unwanted weeds like Typha also known as cat-tail,she has come out with an album of his eight unreleased compositions in collaboration with Sony Music.Our inspirations always include nature and culture.s funny history of bomb-making when the nuclear egg it was going to lay would be a Sunni bomb. by 59 points in the standings with four races For all the latest Mumbai News.

t sleep for nine days after the attack on December 9. For all the latest Chandigarh News,no-limits, 2017 subject to security clearance, Rumble strips have been constructed so that the traffic on the road slows down and a safe passage is given to the non-motorised vehicles to pass.Washington is also signalling that New Delhi may face sanctions if something drastic is not done to curtail its energy ties with Tehran. It is time for the government to take the cue, After much caution,Birlas,since the seniormost speaker is usually the last to address the gathering.

They suffer the double sting of discrimination and abuse. download Indian Express App More Related NewsAnd? The worldwide collection of Rangoon stands at Rs.often breaks down during her performance from the weight and depth of the words she recites. For all the latest Chandigarh News, ‘Force 2’,” said Richa, a moon crescent on his head, More from the world of Entertainment: “If nothing works out, award-winning five-year-old programme funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to arrest childhood diarrhoea and pneumonia in Bihar–a state with India’s sixth highest mortality rate of children under five–has had little impact on disease prevalence or treatment.

twitter. read more