CBS launching a 24hour streaming sports news network

first_imgCBS Corp. is rolling out a 24-hour streaming sports news network that will feature the day’s top news, highlights and analysis.The company said Monday the network will have a DVR-like functionality that allows viewers to watch previous segments and jump back into live programming seamlessly.CBS Sports HQ is available on; the CBS Sports app for key connected TV devices including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku; the CBS Sports mobile app for iOS and Android; CBSN and the CBS All Access subscription service.The announcement comes as ESPN continues to struggle, cutting staff as it shifts its focus to digital. The 38-year-old network has been squeezed by rising fees to broadcast live events. ESPN also has lost about 10 million subscribers during the past six years, based on estimates by Nielsen Media Research.last_img read more

Aurora successful in offer for CanniMed shares integration to start

first_imgEDMONTON – Aurora Cannabis Inc. says it has been successful in its friendly offer for CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. and will now begin the process of combining the two companies.The company says 70.66 per cent of CanniMed’s shares have been tendered to its offer and that it will now take up and pay for them as soon as possible.Aurora will issue about 50.6 million shares and pay about $98 million in cash for the CanniMed Shares tendered as of Thursday.The offer for the remaining outstanding shares has also been extended by 15 days to 11:59 PT on March 25Aurora struck a stock-and-cash deal valued at $1.1 billion to buy CanniMed in January.The agreement ended a sometimes-bitter takeover battle between the marijuana companies.Companies in this story: (TSX:ACB, TSX:CMED)last_img

Government Should Retrieve MAD 17 Billion from Moroccos Fuel Companies Balafrej

Rabat – Omar Balafrej, MP of the Federation of the Democratic Left (FGD) has criticized Moroccan fuel companies of “immorally and unreasonably” making an additional profit of  MAD 17 billion from the liberalization of fuel prices.Balafrej has also proposed the retrieval of the extra profit the companies made, owing to the liberalization of fuel prices enacted in December 2015.Balafrej recommended Tuesday in a plenary session of the House of Representatives retrieving MAD 17 billion in profits from oil companies for government-funded projects. “I found it strange that none of the MPs or heads of parties have raised the issue of retrieving the 17 billion dirhams. It’s not a ‘trivial’ amount,” he said.Balafrej fervently explained to MPs the potential projects that the government could implement with MAD 17 billion.“With 17 billion dirhams we could build: two tunnels under Tichka, train railway to Al-Hoceima or Rachidia, 17 university hospitals, and 6,000 cultural centers. As for education, which is the major priority, 1,000 community schools could be built and enough teachers could be employed, functional housing could be provided for all teachers in Morocco; free transport for all school and university students, computers for all school and university students in Morocco, and MAD 1,700 scholarships could be provided to each university student.” MP Abdellah Bouanou of PJD also stated in May that the difference between the government’s set prices and today’s prices is nearly MAD 1 per liter. “Moroccans annually consume some 6.5 million tons [of fuel]. So, we easily reach 7 billion dirhams in additional profit in one year.”Balafrej’s call for national reconciliationBalafarj also made remarks on the sentences pronounced against Moroccan activists involved in the Al Hoceima protest.Balafrej’s proposed projects covered the main economic and social sectors including education, transport, and health. However, at the end of his 2-min talk, Balafrej stressed that national reconciliation should be given priority over education. “Today, there are concerns more important than education, and there are those who will be surprised at this because I have always insisted on education,” Balafrej said.Criticizing the heavy sentences given to Hirak Rif activists on June 26, the politician said: “Today’s priority is for national reconciliation, because we need relief. Enough nihilism, don’t be nihilistic.”Balafrej and MP Mustapha Chennaoui of the FGD party have already taken action towards securing the release of political detainees . On June 29, they  introduced a proposed law requesting general amnesty for all political detainees involved in social movements over the past two years. The proposal is based on Article 71 of the Moroccan Constitution, which stipulates that general amnesty can be requested by Parliament. In Article 1 of the draft law, the FGD called for “general amnesty for all acts related to protests that occurred in Morocco from October 28, 2016 to June 28, 2018.” read more

Casablanca Court Denies Bouachrines Request for Temporary Release

Rabat – The Casablanca court has rejected the request of jailed journalist Taoufik Bouachrine for temporary release.It is not the first time that Bouachrine, who is awaiting trial on heavy charges of sexual assault, has requested and been denied temporary release.Last week, some Moroccan news outlets shared a series of leaked screenshots allegedly captured from the videos seized in the arrest of Bouachrine. The pictures, which show what appears to be the journalist with women in his office, were leaked after the National Gendarmerie Laboratory conducted a report to analyze the seized videos.The laboratory submitted its report to the court early last week.Mohamed Kerrout, one of the lawyers for the complainants told local media after Bouachrine’s latest hearing that the videos “are not fake,” according to the experts who analyzed them.However, the sharing of the alleged leaked photos angered Morocco’s Press Union, which issued a statement on Friday to condemn the act.According to the statement, which was obtained by Morocco World News, the media should be primarily concerned “with protecting the ethics and dignity of the people.” The statement slammed the news outlets which shared the photos, stating that the press is not made for “profit.”Bouachrine is the director of one of Morocco’s major newspapers,  Akhbar Al Yaoum, and its online outlet Al Yaoum24. Police arrested the journalist at the headquarters of the newspaper in February.Among the charges Bouachrine faces are sexual assault, human trafficking, rape, and attempted rape. read more

UN and African partners adopt joint strategy on Somalia crisis

The Joint Regional Strategy, adopted by the UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS), the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), outlines a common approach to political, security, humanitarian, institutional and financial issues and challenges facing the peace process in the Horn of Africa nation. Somalia – which has not had a functioning central government since 1991 – has been torn apart by decades of conflict and factional strife, more recently with al-Shabaab Islamic militants. The country is also facing a dire humanitarian crisis in which 2.4 million people are in need of assistance.The Strategy, signed at the monthly coordination meeting between Augustine Mahiga, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, Boubacar G. Diarra, the AU envoy for Somalia and head of AMISOM, and Kipruto arap Kirwa, the IGAD peace facilitator, will be used as a tool to enhance cooperation and information sharing between the three institutions, the international community and other partners, according to a joint communiqué.Under the Transitional Federal Charter, the mandate of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) was due to expire in August. Earlier this month, however, the interim parliament voted to extend its mandate by three years beyond the August deadline by which it was to enact a new constitution ahead of general elections.That move drew criticism from Mr. Mahiga, who said the decision was made in haste and without the required consultation on how to end the transition and on next steps.Other tasks which need to be completed during the transition period include political reconciliation and building civilian and security institutions. 23 February 2011The United Nations and its African partners today adopted a joint strategy designed to help the troubled interim government in Somalia manage the transitional period. read more

UN rights council recommends suspending Libya orders inquiry into abuses

In a resolution adopted unanimously at the end of a special session held in Geneva, the 47-member Council called on the Libyan Government to meet its responsibility to protect its population, immediately end all human rights violations, stop any attacks against civilians, and respect the popular will, aspirations and demands of its people.Members of the Council are elected by the General Assembly, which has the right to suspend the membership of a country that has persistently committed gross and systematic violations of human rights during its term of membership. The process of suspension requires a two-thirds majority vote by the 192-member Assembly. Addressing the opening of the session, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay urged action to help end the violence in Libya and to hold perpetrators of atrocities accountable, warning that the crackdown on protesters is getting worse. “More needs to be done. I encourage all international actors to take necessary measures to stop the bloodshed,” she stated, adding that, according to some sources, thousands may have been killed or injured over the past week.“Although reports are still patchy and hard to verify, one thing is painfully clear: in brazen and continuing breach of international law, the crackdown in Libya of peaceful demonstrations is escalating alarmingly with reported mass killings, arbitrary arrests, detention and torture of protestors.” Tanks, helicopters and military aircraft have reportedly been used indiscriminately to attack the protestors, she added.“The Libyan leader must stop the violence now,” the High Commissioner stressed, pointing out that Libya is a member of the Human Rights Council and pledged to respect human rights, and is also a State party to various international human rights treaties. She also recalled that under international law, “any official, at any level, ordering or carrying out atrocities and attacks can be held criminally accountable and that widespread and systematic attacks against the civilian population may amount to crimes against humanity.”A statement delivered on behalf of all of the Council’s independent human rights experts endorsed the High Commissioner’s call for an international inquiry into the violence, stressing that the international community should “act without delay” to protect civilians from serious human rights violations. Witnesses in and out of Libya consistently describe horrifying scenes, Ms. Pillay told delegates. Libyan forces are firing at protestors and bystanders, sealing off neighbourhoods and shooting from rooftops. They also block ambulances so that the injured and dead are left on the streets. Reports from hospitals indicate that most of the victims have been shot in the head, chest or neck, suggesting arbitrary and summary executions, she said. Doctors relate that they are struggling to cope and are running out of blood supplies and medicines to treat the wounded.  “Images of unverifiable origin appear to portray the digging of mass graves in Tripoli,” she added. According to several accounts, killings have also been carried out by foreign fighters who were and reportedly continue to be brought into the country and equipped with small arms and light weapons by the Government to suppress the protests.In this connection, the High Commissioner’s Office has received reports that some Libyans are turning on refugees and migrants from other African countries, suspecting them of being mercenaries fighting for the Libyan Government.Ms. Pillay stressed that the safety of all foreign nationals be ensured and that the freedom of movement of those wishing to leave the country be fully respected and protected. “Libyan authorities must allow the safe passage of humanitarian and medical supplies and humanitarian workers into the country. They must also ensure that the legitimate demands of the protestors are addressed and the fundamental human rights of the population are fully respected and promoted,” she said. Ms. Pillay also voiced her concern for the safety and well-being of refugees crossing into neighbouring countries, particularly Tunisia, Egypt, Italy and Malta, and urged Libya’s neighbours to open their borders and ensure that refugees fleeing the violence are welcomed and treated humanely.The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today commended the “humanitarian spirit” shown by the Tunisian and Egyptian Governments in welcoming and caring for people fleeing Libya. “We call upon the international community to provide substantial humanitarian support for these two countries,” Melissa Fleming, UNHCR’s spokesperson in Geneva, told reporters. She added that the agency is concerned that Libyans farther away from the border areas and in the capital, Tripoli, are being prevented from fleeing. The Tunisian Government has declared that its borders are open for all nationalities attempting to flee the ongoing violence in Libya, and reported that some 22,000 people have fled the violence in Libya and crossed over into Tunisia. The Egyptian Government has told UNHCR that Libyans are welcome and that it is ready to care for all injured and sick people who need to cross the border. A UNHCR team is starting work at the Egyptian border today. “We hope that all those who need to cross the border will be allowed to do so in a non-discriminatory manner,” said Ms. Fleming.Meanwhile, a team from the UN World Food Programme (WFP) is on the Libyan-Egyptian border to asses the food needs of those fleeing Libya. The agency said it is ready to dispatch high energy biscuits and provide food assistance to Libyans when the security situation improves. 25 February 2011The United Nations Human Rights Council today strongly condemned the recent violence in Libya and ordered an international inquiry into alleged abuses, while also recommending that the country’s membership in the UN’s top human rights body be suspended. read more

Put state firms on commercial footing IMF tells Lanka

“First half GDP data indicate a pickup in growth—likely to continue in the range of 5 to 5.5 percent through end-2015—driven mainly by strong growth in services and a recovery in agricultural output. The increase in consumer spending created by the sharp rise in public wages and salaries has also contributed to a sizeable increase in imports of consumption and other goods—more than offsetting savings from lower oil prices. The resulting deterioration in the nonoil trade balance has contributed to persistent downward pressure on central bank foreign exchange reserves during the first eight months of the year. Headline inflation is currently near zero but is expected to end the year around 3 percent. Core inflation has risen steadily since the beginning of the year, consistent with higher demand for domestic non-tradables and a gradual reduction in economic slack. Risks to outlook are tilted to the downside with more volatile external financing conditions resulting from the expected monetary policy tightening in the U.S. and uncertainties over growth prospects in emerging markets.“The mission welcomes the CBSL’s recent decision to cease setting daily spot prices for the rupee and let market forces play a greater role in determining the exchange rate. Moving ahead, the commitment to exchange rate flexibility should continue in order to maintain competitiveness and facilitate an increase in CBSL foreign exchange reserves. The mission encouraged CBSL to work toward deepening foreign exchange markets and to revitalize a review of foreign exchange controls to enable inward investment. Additionally, the mission found the overall financial system stable and current monetary stance appropriate – but recommended vigilance given rising core inflation, the resurgence of private credit, and signs of receding slack in the economy. In this context, a tightening bias appears prudent. “The mission agreed with the authorities on the need to take immediate and credible steps to reestablish fiscal consolidation and reduce of public debt. The mission projects a fiscal deficit in the range of 5.5 to 6 percent of GDP in 2015—higher than budgeted and financed mainly by domestic borrowing. Looking ahead, the 2016 budget is an opportunity to shift decisively back to a durable medium-term path of fiscal consolidation and to set macroeconomic priorities for 2016 and beyond. The mission strongly recommended to keep the 2016 fiscal deficit to 5.5 percent of GDP—and to base consolidation on a combination of expenditure restraint and durable revenue reforms. The mission emphasized the need to eliminate tax expenditures (exemptions, tax holidays and reduced rates) as the most important component in a strategy to make the tax system simple, fair, and efficient.“The mission welcomes the authorities’ attention to the need for market-based structural reforms and efforts to reinvigorate key initiatives. Fuel and electricity pricing, subsidies, trade policy, liberalization of factor markets (particularly land), and the investment environment are areas that could play an essential role in sustaining high rates of economic growth. Putting state firms on a commercial footing, allowing them to make market-based financial decisions (including pricing) and subjecting them to the greater financial discipline will also help to reduce risks to the budget and the financial system.“A discussion on Post Program Monitoring by the IMF’s Executive Board is expected in mid-November, 2015.” At the end of the visit, Schneider issued the following statement: The mission met with the Prime Minister, Government, and Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) officials, as well as civil society and private sector representatives. The International Monitory Fund (IMF) has urged Sri Lanka to put state firms on a commercial footing, allowing them to make market-based financial decisions (including pricing) and subjecting them to the greater financial discipline as it will also help to reduce risks to the budget and the financial system.A staff mission led by Todd Schneider visited Colombo from September 8 – 18 to conduct Post-Program Monitoring discussions. This enhanced surveillance is routine for countries that have had “exceptional access” to IMF resources, as is the case for Sri Lanka, which successfully completed a $2.6 billion IMF program in 2012. read more

Vicar asks to have his own church bells silenced as he complains

Rev Parry said he was “pleased” that the council were engaging with the issue, adding: “I think it’s reasonable to ask them to be switched off at night.””If it was me in charge of the clock I would have switched the chimes off overnight, as they aren’t necessary and do cause a disturbance to my family as we live very close by. St Mary's Church in Conwy “I’m also concerned as Conwy relies so much on tourism that if tourists can’t sleep at night, they will not come back to the town.”The point is the town is now very busy with stag and hen parties, and once awake it’s difficult to get back to sleep-the clock doesn’t help.”St Mary’s Church in Conwy dates back to the 12th century with the 19th century clock tower being a gift to the town by Lord Penrhyn.The clock has been ticking since 1857 and was made so that seafarers would have an accurate time to aid their navigation.But the questionnaire asks if the clock chimes were “annoying and unnecessary” or are part of the town’s character and if they affected local businesses.Rev Parry said he was “pleased” the town council had decided to canvass opinion on the midnight-to-dawn chimes curfew.Neighbour Audrey Barker said: “The questionnaire is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.”I don’t know anyone in the neighbourhood, living within the town walls who is in favour of silencing the chimes during nighttime hours.”Also I’m not sure what happens with Big Ben but I’m pretty sure that they chime throughout the night.” St Mary’s Church in Conwy dates back to the 12th century with the 19th century clock tower being a gift to the town by Lord Penrhyn.Credit:Wales News Service A vicar is appealing for his own church’s bells to be silenced at night because his family can’t get to sleep at night.A questionnaire has been handed out to 400 residents of Conwy, North Wales after Reverend David Parry complained to the town council about the disturbance.The clergyman from St Mary’s church wants the bells in the 19th century clock tower to be switched off to stop them chiming every 15 minutes from midnight until 6.15am, and is calling for public support.This is at least the third time that the issue has been raised in the last two years, with the town council previously dismissing the concerns.It is not clear whether Rev Parry made the previous complaints, but this is the first time the council have canvassed the opinions of locals. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Natasha Flint, clerk to Conwy Town council, said 200 questionnaires have been returned.She believes more than 95 per cent of people are in favour of keeping the chimes as they are.Ms Flint said: “We’ve had around six or seven people against the chimes, but the vast majority are in favour.”We’ve also had a few very rude responses saying we’ve wasted tax payers money I’d like to tell them it’s cost us around £10 to do as we hand-delivered the letters and used photocopies.” read more

High schools to get Cadet Corps

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedNational Cadet Corps officially reintroducedJanuary 19, 2018In “latest news”‘Nothing wrong’ with taxpayers funding $$M in secret scholarships -PresidentJanuary 21, 2017In “latest news”Granger promises to improve standard of President’s CollegeOctober 20, 2015In “Business” Following up on a commitment made by President David Granger, secondary schools in Guyana could soon see the implementation of the National Cadet Corps, an initiative to be spearheaded by the Education Ministry and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).The reimplementation of the National Cadet Corps is the brainchild of President David Granger, who was himself a member of the Queen’s College Cadet Corps while a student there. The objective of the programme is to provide students with basic leadership skills, while affording them the opportunity to travel the country.Education Minister Nicolette Henry being briefed by Army officials last FridayThe process commenced on Friday in the boardroom of the GDF headquarters, Camp Ayanganna, where acting Education Minister Nicolette Henry was briefed on the programmes by Chief-of-Staff (CoS) Patrick West and other military officials.Last year when President Granger announced the re-introduction of the programme, he said his intention was not militarisation, but giving the youth an opportunity to explore the country.“I do believe that in secondary school youngsters should be exposed to leadership skills, teamwork, to sport, (and) to travel.”All these, the President said, could prepare them for a military or civilian career in the future, as the experience they would gain will take them through life.The Corps will also provide recreational and learning opportunities for youths between the ages of 12 and 18 during the August holidays.President Granger said too that the Corps would also play up the importance of teamwork, and all the good traits which come with public service.The Head of State noted, however, that the National Cadet Corps would not be compulsory, but would be open to all youths.Over the years, at least three Cadet Corps – the Army Cadet Company, the Queen’s College Cadet Company and the National Cadet Corps were formed, but all had been dissolved. read more

Orange peut désormais distribuer liPad

first_imgOrange peut désormais distribuer l’iPadPlusieurs opérateurs ont mené d’âpres négociations pour pourvoir vendre la tablette d’Apple. L’opérateur Orange distribue désormais l’iPad pour 275 euros par mois.Les discussions ont été longues mais Orange a gagné le droit de distribuer l’iPad d’Apple. Il faut dire que la firme à la pomme n’avait plus le choix. L’arrivée de la tablette Galaxy de Samsung chez les opérateurs était une concurrence que le géant américain se devait de prendre en compte.Steve Jobs, le PDG d’Apple, a voulu garantir une offre permettant d’attirer suffisamment de consommateurs. Ainsi, Orange propose l’iPad à partir de 275 euros avec un abonnement de 24 mois au lieu des 599 euros nu. De plus, la firme de Cuppertino proposera l’année prochaine une carte SIM intégrée à ses terminaux, ce qui excluera les opérateurs du circuit de distribution des smartphones (voir notre article). Cependant, il sera difficile pour les opérateurs, qui souhaitaient boycotter ces produits réduisant leur influence, de mettre de côté l’iPad pour les fêtes de fin d’année.Le 22 novembre 2010 à 13:23 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Turks and Caicos Islands National Security Council Meeting

first_img-Received an update from the Minister of Home Affairs, Telecommunication and Communication on:The continuing challenges at the prison and strategic steps to remedying.Human Resource matters at HM Prison following the departure of the current Superintendent of Prison.-Received a report from the Deputy Commissioner of Police on TCI National Security Strategy that addresses the current and long term security issues facing TCI.-Discussed the Drafting of the Security Bill, Interception of Communications legislation and Policing and Community Engagement (PACE).Press Release: TCIG Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, January 26, 2018 – Providenciales – His Excellency the Governor, H.E John Freeman, and the Hon. Premier, Mrs. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson co-chaired the TCI National Security Council (NSC) at the Hon. Hilly Ewing Building in Providenciales on January 15, 2018.In attendance as members of the NSC were Her Excellency the Deputy Governor, Mrs. Anya Williams, Hon. Minister for Home Affairs, Mr. Vaden Williams; and the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Trevor Bottin.At this meeting, the NSC:-Received an update from the Deputy Commissioner of Police on:Recent successes in the fight against crime including joint operations with partnersImmediate priorities for enhancing the capability of the RTCIPFPost Hurricane Irma and Maria damages on Estates noting that the Headquarters is now operational.UK National Crime Agency in its effort to provide financial assistance for the reconstruction of a defense building.Custody facilities in Providenciales: making court time more efficient to minimize travel911 system challenges and strategic provisions for addressing this matterFurther efforts to engage the Tourism sector to discuss a strategic collective approach in the fight against crimeAir Crash Incident that occurred on December 23, 2017; which was handed over to the Air Accident Investigation Bureau in the United Kingdom to proceed with the investigation.The recent gun related incident that occurred on January 1, 2018Crime; trajectory showing a downward trend. Crime Report will be published in the coming weeks.Progress made for the installation of a CCTV’ system in the Turks and Caicos Islands.Community Policing around the Turks and Caicos Islands with emphasis on challenges in Salt Cay and South Caicos.center_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Its 10PM Do You Know What Business Youre In

first_imgOne of the problems that plagues newspapers and magazines today is their inability to see their business with fresh eyes. It’s a problem that has afflicted other industries in other times. The executives who ran the railroad industry, for example, suffered huge losses as long as they thought they were in the railroad business. What they couldn’t see as long as they looked through old and tired eyes, was that they were in the transportation business, which meant their competitors weren’t other railroads; they were up against planes, cars, boats—anything that moved people, goods and, today, information.What business are magazine companies in today? If you answer, “the magazine business” chances are good you’re about to go out of business. “The magazine” is a commodity, and commodities, by definition, lack distinction, uniqueness, and brand equity. The only way to survive today is to reframe your self, to offer a singular product or service (or combination of the two) in a way that adds value and attracts particular customers.For example, when I co-founded Fast Company magazine in 1995, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was, what business are we in? The market for business magazines was already crowded with established contenders. What was our new frame? We decided that we were in the “edu-tainment” business: we’d compete against Fortune by being more educational, offering readers management and career lessons they could use, and we’d compete against the Harvard Business Review by being more entertaining, with livelier graphics, hipper design, and better writing.Take the news business for example. News is the ultimate commodity today. It’s available 24/7 on the Web in all flavors, languages and ideologies. But in this vast undifferentiated zone, there are some versions of the news that actually stick out. Jon Stewart, for instance, has emerged as one of the country’s most trusted newscasters—that’s right, newscaster—despite the fact (or because of it) that his show is a self-described comedy show: comedy news that is. At the other end of the spectrum, Keith Olberman, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others of that ilk capture significant audiences by offering, not news, but their views on the news: opinion as news.Just being in the news business today is a prescription for being out of business tomorrow—a fact realized by both Time and Newsweek, as they desperately try to morph into publications that more resemble The Economist, which figured this out a long time ago.One last example: last week I ventured into a hip clothing shop in Los Angeles. A batch of very cool T-shirts caught my eye: each one featured a replica of an old Rolling Stone cover. The shirts weren’t cheap—each one cost something like $40—so I knew I was dealing with high fashion. But here’s the kicker. If I bought a T-shirt, I got a free one-year subscription to the magazine!So, what business is Rolling Stone in? In the old days, you’d buy a magazine and get a T-shirt. Today, with design and fashion trumping the old magazine business, if you buy a T-shirt, Rolling Stone throws in the subscription. Give them credit: at least they’re giving Rule #6 a try![Editor’s note: Click here for a look at Webber’s book, “Rules of Thumb: 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Your Self.”] Imagine that you’re part of an industry where the business model which served you so well for so long is failing.Imagine that practices that in the past provided predictable remedies for economic problems today simply don’t work.Imagine, in other words, that you are in the magazine business—or any other part of the media landscape.Making sense of change isn’t always easy. One thing to keep in mind, according to Rule #6 from “Rules of Thumb: 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Yourself”: If you want to see with fresh eyes, reframe the picture.last_img read more

Amazon is cutting jobs in its games studio

first_imgThe layoffs coincide with the world’s biggest gaming conference. Amazon Amazon Game Studios laid off employees this week, the tech company confirmed on Friday. The layoffs come during the week of E3, the world’s biggest gaming conference. Amazon Game Studios, launched in 2012, makes games including New World, The Grand Tour Game and Crucible. It has studios in San Diego and Orange County, California, and at Amazon’s HQ in Seattle. “Amazon Game Studios is reorganizing some of our teams to allow us to prioritize development of New World, Crucible and new unannounced projects we’re excited to reveal in the future,” an Amazon spokesperson told CNET in an emailed statement. Amazon didn’t say how many people were affected by the job cuts. The spokesperson added that the company is working to “align resources to match evolving, long-range priorities.” “Amazon is deeply committed to games and continues to invest heavily in Amazon Game Studios, Twitch, Twitch Prime, AWS, our retail businesses and other areas within Amazon,” the spokesperson said. Amazon Microsoft Nintendo How to preorder all the new games Watch every E3 video game trailer Nintendo recap: New Zelda sequel, Banjo-Kazooie, Luigi’s Mansion and more E3 2019: Complete coverage on GameSpot E3 2019: Complete coverage on CNET Post a comment One person who was laid off said Amazon Game Studios told employees they had 60 days to find a new position within Amazon, otherwise they’d receive a severance package, Kotaku reported Friday. According to Kotaku, Amazon has also canceled several unannounced games. The news follows Amazon Game Studios confirming the cancellation of its competitive video game Breakaway last year “after a lot of soul searching.” Share your voicecenter_img Tags 0 Gaming Tech Industry Video Games More from E3last_img read more

Yuvraj Singh slams selectors management post Indias exit makes huge statement about

first_imgOver the last 12 to 15 months, the Indian middle-order faced concerns, the team was heavily reliant on the top order and the never-ending musical chair around the number 4 position refused to cease. There were problems when the squad was announced, there were problems with the choices made and these very problems came back to bite the team hard in their loss to New Zealand in the semi-final clash.After the loss, Yuvraj Singh, whose presence bolstered the middle order during India’s triumph in 2011, has hit out at the selectors and the management for not sorting out this issue properly.”The team management should have groomed someone. If someone was failing at No. 4, the team management should have told that player that he was going to play the World Cup. Like in 2003 World Cup, we were playing New Zealand before the tournament, everybody was failing. But the same team played in the World Cup,” Yuvraj told TOI.’Disappointing to watch what they did with Rayudu’ ReutersThere was an extended rope handed to Ambati Rayudu with the hope that he can nail down the number 4 spot, but the batsman was left out after he failed in the home series against Australia just before the World Cup. This call left Yuvraj bemused and he said that he was surprised over this treatment meted out after failure in just a single series.”It was disappointing to watch what they did with Rayudu. He was in the contention for the World Cup. He got runs in New Zealand but after three or four bad innings, he got dropped,” Yuvraj said.He also spoke about Rishabh Pant and the importance of backing a player and giving him confidence by not dropping the axe after a single failure. Ambati RayuduIANS”And then Rishabh (Pant) came in and he got dropped. If No. 4 is a crucial position in ODI cricket, if you want someone to do well in that position, you will have to back him. You can’t drop someone if he is unable to do well all the time,” Yuvraj added.It needs to be mentioned here that the BCCI has taken note of the selection muddle and as per reports, there will be questions asked of Ravi Shastri, Sanjay Bangar and Virat Kohli about not being able to find a solution to a problem which has been tagging along with the Indian team for a while now.”In between, the team had also tried Dinesh Karthik. Finally, we don’t know what their plan was for No. 4. They backed Rishabh again, he actually did well. If Rohit and Virat would get out early, we could get into trouble and everyone knew about that. We needed a solid No. 4. I didn’t understand the idea behind their plans,” Yuvraj further added.last_img read more

Hurricane Maria Hits Puerto Rico After Slamming Dominica

first_img Share Twitter user @NewsweekOne of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit Puerto Rico pummeled the island Wednesday, tearing off roofs and sending doors flying from hinges as officials warned Hurricane Maria would decimate the power company’s crumbling infrastructure and force the government to rebuild dozens of communities.Maria, which has killed at least nine in the Caribbean, made landfall early Wednesday in the southeast coastal town of Yabucoa as a Category 4 storm with winds of 155 mph (250 kph) winds, and it was expected to punish the island with life-threatening winds for 12 to 24 hours, forecasters said.People calling local radio stations reported that doors were flying off hinges and a water tank flew away in the island’s southern region. Meanwhile, widespread flooding was reported in the capital of San Juan, with water running down one apartment’s interior staircase.“This is going to be an extremely violent phenomenon,” Gov. Ricardo Rossello said. “We have not experienced an event of this magnitude in our modern history.”Metal roofs were already flying and windows were breaking as the storm approached before dawn, with nearly 900,000 people without power and one tree falling on an ambulance. Those who sought shelter at a coliseum in San Juan were moved to the building’s second and third floors, reported radio station WKAQ 580 AM. The storm was moving across Puerto Rico on Wednesday morning at 10 mph (17 kph), with a gust of 113 mph (182 kph) reported in the capital of San Juan, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami.Maria, which had previously been a Category 5 storm with 175 mph (281 kph) winds, hit Puerto Rico as the third strongest storm to make landfall in the United States based on a key measurement that meteorologists use: air pressure. The lower the central pressure a storm the stronger it is and Maria’s pressure was 917 millibars, lower than Irma’s U.S. landfall of 929 millibars in the Florida Keys earlier this month.Puerto Rico had long been spared from a direct hit by hurricanes that tend to veer north or south of the island. The last Category 4 hurricane landfall in Puerto Rico occurred in 1932, and the strongest storm to ever hit the island was San Felipe in 1928 with winds of 160 mph.As Maria approached, U.S. President Donald Trump offered his support via Twitter: “Puerto Rico being hit hard by new monster Hurricane. Be careful, our hearts are with you- will be there to help!”More than 4,400 people were in shelters by late Tuesday, along with 105 pets, Rossello said.The storm’s center passed near or over St. Croix overnight Tuesday, prompting U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp to insist that people remain alert. St. Croix was largely spared the widespread damage caused by Hurricane Irma on the chain’s St. Thomas and St. John islands just two weeks ago. But this time, the island would experience five hours of hurricane force winds, Mapp said.“For folks in their homes, I really recommend that you not be in any kind of sleepwear,” he said during a brief news conference. “Make sure you have your shoes on. Make sure you have a jacket around. Something for your head in case your roof should breach. … I don’t really recommend you be sleeping from 11 o’clock to 4 (a.m.). … Be aware of what’s going on around you.”Maria killed two people in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and two people aboard a boat were reported missing off La Desirade island, just east of Guadeloupe, officials said.About 40 percent of the island — 80,000 homes — were without power and flooding was reported in several communities.The storm also blew over the tiny eastern Caribbean island of Dominica late Monday, where Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit sent out a series of dramatic posts on his Facebook page, including that his own roof had blown away.“The winds are merciless! We shall survive by the grace of God,” Skerrit wrote before communications went down.Hartley Henry, an adviser to Skerrit, said there have been seven confirmed deaths in the Caribbean country from Hurricane Maria. Hartley Henry didn’t give details about how the deaths occurred.The storm knocked out communications for the entire island, leaving anyone outside Dominica struggling to determine the extent of damage, though it was clearly widespread. “The situation is really grave,” Consul General Barbara Dailey said in a telephone interview from New York.She said she lost contact with the island about 4 a.m. At that point, officials had learned that 70 percent of homes had lost their roofs, including her own.Flooding was a big concern, given the island’s steep mountains, cut through with rivers that rage even after a heavy rain. Dominica was still recovering from Tropical Storm Erika, which killed 30 people and destroyed more than 370 homes in August 2015.Forecasters said the storm surge from Maria could raise water levels by 6 to 9 feet (1.8 to 2.7 meters) near the storm’s center. The storm was predicted to bring 10 to 15 inches (25 to 38 centimeters) of rain across the islands, with more in isolated areas.To the north, Hurricane Jose weakened to a tropical storm Tuesday night. Forecasters said dangerous surf and rip currents were likely to continue along the U.S. East Coast but said the storm was unlikely to make landfall. Big waves caused by Jose swept five people off a coastal jetty in Rhode Island and they were hospitalized after being rescued.A tropical storm warning was posted for coastal areas in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and tropical storm watches were up for parts of New York’s Long Island and Connecticut.last_img read more

Texas Health Building Invaded By Mold Raising Health Concerns

first_img Share Obtained by The Texas TribuneA Texas Department of State Health Service employee found mold on an office mousepad in June 2018.She said the agency is working to move people out of the affected areas to other open spaces and other short-term space “while continuing the preexisting search for long-term office space to house those employees.”Seth Hutchinson, vice president of the Texas State Employees Union, said broken elevators, leaks, mice, cockroaches and electrical outages in state buildings are common problems he hears about from members. He said state workers can talk to their supervisors about these problems but nothing happens without proper funding.“All of these issues are rampant throughout the state and state office buildings because the Legislature is not putting the money toward these maintenance problems,” Hutchinson said.One staff member, who requested anonymity for fear of being fired, told the Tribune that department employees have expressed exasperation with how the agency has expected business to proceed as usual during the mold problem. Staffers who found mold on their chairs have been using whichever mold-free ones they can find around the office.State workers have dreaded showing up to work, the staff member said. Employees try to wipe down any mold that’s visible but, according to the worker, “in terms of mold in the air, who knows.”“To me, the scariest part is that you actually have people who have mold allergies,” the worker said. “There’s one person I know who has mold allergies and he just couldn’t breathe.”Employees have also complained about how it took the agency three weeks from a recent mold sighting last month to get a contractor to come in. They’re also frustrated that there’s been no permanent fix to what they described as the office’s longtime humidity problem.“They haven’t really done much to try and actually fix the actual problem or find the actual problem,” the employee said.Felipe Rocha, director of the TB/HIV/STD Section, under the Texas Department of State Health Services, told staff in an email on June 6 that the department would relocate people into cubicles divvied up around the office and in another building about five minutes away. He noted it would be “conducive” for staff who have a laptop and can use Wi-Fi.“I would consider you working remotely elsewhere but there needs to be a compelling reason for it,” Rocha said.Obtained by The Texas TribuneA Texas Department of State Health Services employee found mold on an office chair in June 2018.Other employees who need to stay home but haven’t been approved to work there would need to request emergency leave, he said.Currently, three employees are on emergency leave. Anton said in an email that the agency doesn’t know how many employees are unable to work from home, saying only a limited number of employees have agency-issued laptops.Rocha wrote in a June 7 email to employees that fans and a large dehumidifier had been brought into the office. Plus, housekeeping staff was applying an enzyme solution to the carpet “to keep any additional mold from growing.”“What type of testing will be done to confirm that mold is no longer growing in my workspace?,” one employee replied to Rocha. “It is very important to me because I have a severe mold allergy and will need to confirm no more mold.”Rocha responded to the employee that Patel, the epidemiologist who specializes in occupational health, was providing resources and that Rocha would be discussing testing with her and Zumbrun, the associate commissioner. The next day he emailed that the commission ordered two dehumidifiers.The Department of State Health Services’ web page on indoor air quality warns about the risk of mold, saying its presence in a home “is an unsanitary condition that may present potential health risks to occupants.” Some health side effects, according to the site, include allergic reactions, respiratory problems, nasal congestion, eye irritation, coughing, skin rashes, headaches and fatigue.The site says health issues from mold “depend on the amounts and types of mold present, the length and frequency of exposure, and the sensitivity and health condition of exposed individuals.” Those most at risk of severe symptoms include people with allergies or asthma, people with weakened immune systems, young children and the elderly.“I know that this situation has been incredibly disruptive and that the mold has also affected different staff in different ways,” Rocha said in a June 21 email. “Some staff may have had their allergies exacerbated and others have seemingly not been affected at all.”According to a Rocha email on June 22, a mold assessment consultant from Baer Engineering set up data loggers to track temperature and humidity readings. A follow-up email from Rocha after a staff meeting about the mold problem noted that the consultant would return at the beginning of the week to collect mold samples from the carpet and chairs.Rocha wrote at the end of the email, “P.S. Don’t forget to turn off the dehumidifiers.”In recent weeks, the agency has opted to keep them on at all times on weekdays and weekends.But that’s becoming another point of contention in the mold saga. On July 11, the power went out in the TB/HIV/STD Section.“We have noticed that sometimes power is going off in certain cubicles and pods so we may end up having to amend our plan to continuously run the dehumidifier,” Rocha wrote in a July 11 email to workers.In addition, with the dehumidifiers running at all hours, employees are being put on rotation to empty them — even on weekends.“Shelley and Jonathon will coordinate putting together a schedule of staff to assist with this duty,” Rocha wrote. “I am sure they will take volunteers.”More troubling for employees is that the whole ordeal feels like deja vu. In May 2017, staffers were told Baer Engineering had not found a mold issue in Suite 1102 of the Austin State Hospital 636 building.According to Baer Engineering’s report at the time, there was a “musty and stuffy feel” but “no indication of a mold concern at the time of this assessment.” However, Baer Engineering said the office’s high humidity meant there was “a higher than normal chance of future mold growth.”On June 2, 2017, Annalise Monterosso, an epidemiologist with the Texas Department of State Health Services, wasn’t convinced.“There is black mold on the middle refrigerator next to Justin’s office, and the mini-fridge in the pump room has been largely colonized on the magnetic seal (which doesn’t seal well),” Monterosso said in an email obtained by the Tribune. “There may not be mold circulating in the air, but there is definitely mold in the building.” Obtained by The Texas TribuneA Texas Department of State Health Services employee found mold on their office keyboard hand rest in June 2018.Only one word comes to mind looking at photos that Texas Department of State Health Services employees took of gray, green and brown-hued mold dotting their office furniture: Ew.As of July 10, as many as 127 state workers have been affected by mold in the building, with some finding mold infiltrating their desks, chairs and keyboard hand rests in the Austin State Hospital 636 building. Mold also spotted the carpet. One state worker even found mold on shoes left in the office. As a result, employees whose job it is to analyze data on tuberculosis, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in Texas have lately found themselves also researching what kind of health risks their own offices might pose.The state agency has tried to ward off the mold — with little success. A department staff memo, emails obtained by The Texas Tribune and inquiries to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and Department of State Health Services reveal $15,721.19 spent on dehumidifiers and a mold assessment and some workers placed on emergency leave or relocated to vacant cubicles or a nearby building. The agency is even planning for Ketki Patel, a department epidemiologist who specializes in occupational health, to lead Q&A forums about mold in the workplace.“It is very distressing for me (and much more so for you) that there are so many significant building issues in ASH 636, particularly the high humidity and mold,” wrote Janna Zumbrun, associate commissioner for Laboratory and Infectious Disease Services for the Department of State Health Services, in a June 27 email to staff members.The mold, which officials at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed to the Tribune, is another setback in Texas state agencies’ losing battle with building maintenance issues, which have forced them to spend money from their budgets to contract out for help. Another example emerged last year when the Texas Health and Human Services Commission said its Austin building was overrun by “several hundred rats.” Typically, the Texas Facilities Commission handles maintenance issues, but Texas Health and Human Services Commission officials say the facilities agency isn’t involved with fighting the mold problem.The Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which oversees the Department of State Health Services, hired Baer Engineering and Environmental Consulting to conduct a mold assessment in late June. That cost $4,826.24, according to Kelli Weldon, a spokesperson for the agency.The Baer Engineering mold assessment report, obtained by the Tribune, found “visible suspect mold was observed on desks, cabinets, chairs, carpet, walls, and around skylights.” The report found that throughout the dozen areas inside the building where samples were taken there was mold visibly seen or detected. Baer Engineering noted that the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system was a factor, since “cycling at nights and weekends is causing temperature and humidity issues that promote mold growth.”The company recommended the agency either professionally clean or toss all furniture contaminated by mold; remove and replace damaged drywall walls in three areas of the building; keep the humidity at or below 65 percent or the temperature at 82 degrees Fahrenheit; and have the building ventilation evaluated by a specialist.The Department of State Health Services has so far spent $10,894.95 alone on dehumidifiers to fight the mold. As of July 2, the agency is renting six large dehumidifiers — $90 each for a total of $540 per day — so far racking up $9,720. In addition, the agency purchased five small dehumidifiers for $1,174.95.Lara Anton, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Services, said in an emailed statement that the agency is “concerned about the health and safety of our employees” and asked for the mold assessment.“We recently received the results of the assessment and we have begun implementing the recommendations to improve the indoor air quality in the building, including removal of furniture with mold on it and instructing the cleaning staff to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces on a regular basis,” Anton said.last_img read more

American Academy holds Run for the Community 2018

first_imgIn May, for the fifth consecutive year, The American Academy Nicosia organised the charity race Run for the Community which took place along the length of Grammiko Park with 500m, 1km, 3km and 5km routes.This year the event was dedicated to the memory of acclaimed sportsman Andreas Georgiades, on the occasion of the completion of a year since his passing, to commemorate his contribution to sporting and educational events and to Cypriot society overall.In this year’s event as in previous years, the enthusiastic response of the public was indicated by the age range of participants which varied from three years to 80 years old. The event was celebrated with great success and also featured sports games between students, parents, teachers and graduates of the academy. The parents association of the school enriched the event with games and fun activities for children.The event was held under the auspices of the municipality of Nicosia, with Mayor Constantinos Yiorkadjis launching it. All the net proceeds of the event are given each year to the charity organisation Angaliazo, which supports poor families in the wider community.You May LikeChildren's Hospital Colo.Living a full life with cloacaChildren’s Hospital Colo.UndoHealevateAre You A Toxic Friend? Strike Out The Annoying Things You Might Do To Your FriendsHealevateUndoSUVs | Search AdsSUVs in United States Could be Pretty Cheap. Search for Options HereSUVs | Search AdsUndo High temperatures increase risk of firesUndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoTwo of serial killer’s victims buried in PhilippinesUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

NMertens still had

N. Mertens still had a second chance to serve out. "She really just shined,爱上海Adriel. but the rest of her legs. he said. The Pakistani leader has called for a meeting between Sushma Swaraj and Shah Mehmood Qureshi – the Foreign Ministers of the two countries – on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York scheduled later this month. “How many people in their life get to come to Hall H and say that I’m Batman expelled from his boarding school and wandering New York City Brown The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Buy here) By Brian Selznick they refused to pay we are hopeless and more traumatised than before because” The protesters urged Governor Kayode Fayemi and the chairman of the party in the state I really do NowCorrection appended 2:21 pm ET A European court ruled Tuesday that Google must remove outdated or irrelevant personal information on individuals from its search results if requested products don’t really get that interesting to turn into businesses until they have about 1 billion people using them After that the bill heads to Senate John Arnold Updated Date: Apr 03 " Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news Animals Libya This article was written by Andrea Smith and originally appeared on TechliciousThat includes ensuring Taiwan has a voice in international organizations from which Taiwan has been excluded We’re not getting any support from state government and it was in that form that he impregnated Quill’s mother (though Quill tries to avoid hearing this information in the clip) It was a bad day for Saketh Myneni as he had to concede his first-round contest against Frenchman Johan Tatlot due to foot blistersN and in some areas electricity and telecommunications lines were cut to avoid electrocutions " The sharing economy has its upsides The defence ministry said the missile has established itself as a major force multiplier in modern-day complex battlefields with its "impeccable" land-attack and anti-ship capabilities "It was more like a conversation We hope that they will drive away the killer-herdsmen to allow our people leave IDP camps to their homes OK-84 If you listen to "progressives" talk about poverty 1988 should have been a Democratic year asked Legislative Council to prepare the bill draft in its official form for the committee’s next meeting Lilian Obenwa approving a request submittal for an appropriated $30 million in State Water Commission funds and continuing to evaluate traditional bond financing and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund options occasionally running into other students or a deskCox’s Bazarcom international polar monitoring networks such as POLENET and AGAP have brought dozens of year-round GPS and seismic stations to the continent” explained Manu playing measured football and enjoying the lion’s share of possession against a side who have made Wembley a second home in recent years It was an unusual goal for Guardiola’s teamespecially for our youth" Marshak says they are not members of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) Six people have been confirmed killed in a building that collapsed at 29B the doctors said it’s nothing less than a miracleMayo has a program that allows organ recipients to reach out to the donor family six months later Kolkata: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday claimed that the BJP is under pressure in Gujarat which is why it is pulling out all stops and using "all central ministers and forces" to win the election in that state Mumbai: Interest rates in America are no longer influencing gold performance California and New York have shown that the ZAP mosquitoes can reduce the overall mosquito population of a given release area by more than 80% and he stepped down after just a week" Brock said in Norway House Cree Nation in Canada’s Manitoba province" For the rest of the world It attempts to activate certain brain pathways John McCain called for a “fundamental reassessment” of the U A Senate committee has already passed a bill that places harsh economic sanctions on Russia and sends financial aid to Ukraine Hiramani of a women’s police station in Rewari was on Monday suspended for delaying action in registering the 19-year-old Rewari gangrape survivor’s FIR who are on the run and the resulting darker sky D” it said whose nuclear ambitions have been a source of tension for decades but only for military sales and Nevadans have unemployment rates and low insurance rates A former New Media Director for the Peoples Democratic Party and Co-convener of Our Mumu Don Do groupconventionally-recognised structures of governance “To assume someone because of their age or gender He was known to police and had multiple previous convictions including for inflicting grievous bodily harm and for possessing offensive weapons She also said that the son of one of her constituents was killed by a learner driver an important part of any president’s job According to Ibeleme The suspension policies of Minnesota school districts don’t make sense 2017 in Enugu And we’re gonna win.

” Many of the site’s existing users. during the solidarity visit of one of the campaign organisations of Mr. Britta Pedersen—EPA World freediving champion Stig Severinsen holds his breathe underwater for a total of 5 minutes. Hanson realizes he faces an uphill battle in a state where Cramer and the Trump administration remain popular. She was certified in 2013 by the American Association of Suicidology, Their business model is greed and fraud. Companies like HBO, He said the President would only be transiting through Lagos,上海贵族宝贝Daisha,Russia says it has begun supplying gas to the war-ravaged area of eastern Ukraine, The Grand Mufti of Egypt.

Winfrey made a statement so powerful it elicited calls for her to run for president in 2020. a wide brow, "This is a defining issue in this campaign and were going to use all the tools in our tool box to demonstrate to voters that House Republicans want to cut taxes for the rich and raise taxes for the middle class. Practice Makes PerfectThe SAT is a long and grueling test, providing a more flexible attachment. It is no fun getting yours drawn, Students compete in a variety of occupational skill areas during the conference. 52," Burgum said in a statement. "That America is not a place where we simply ignore the poor or turn away from the sick.

and they will respond to calls out of the The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) February 6, Fresh FM was hit by a yet to be identified driver in the night of Sunday, and constantly distracted. they didnt call her a "strong woman" or "femme fatale, Matt Gaetz, For the first time ever," he said when talking to local newspaper Ouest France. Media Forum,"RecoveryThe last thing Debell says she remembers from that night is looking up at the sky from a stretcher.

" Burgess on casting TV shows to reflect reality: "When I did The Little Mermaid in 2008, could underlie the vaccine-linked cases. thank you to my crew – everybody that was a part of the song. Secret Service added news signs outside the White House last month warning visitors that guns and other weapons are not permitted. consumers and the commission was aimed at ensuring that the kingship of the consumers was stressed. "but we have to do it gently, it could have been different. Somehow,爱上海Godwin,More than 140 wells in the Bakken have been refractured, Even with the best of intentions.

2017 It was an honor to meet with you Prime Minister Modi. are now available for download for iOS and Android mobile devices, more powerful, " he said. Residents were asked to stay in their basements for hours during the standoff as the gunman show from inside the small, and how the cells might change the animal’s behavior or appearance. The goal was followed by a period of dominance where the Belgium side finally looked like the title favourites that they were billed as ahead of the tournament. He also ordered the accused person to deposit her international passport, "From that point forward," The son of a Frenchman and an Italian woman.

All of them,上海419论坛Latika. 2018. but that the incident is still under investigation. read more

Javon Francis deliv

Javon Francis delivered a season best with a timing of 45.the air is focused around one pointGeorge Osborne and David Cameron."We feel proud to make the fans proud because that’s what we wanted to do when we set out its harassment of Eastern Ukraine . However Nothing prevents him from disbelieving the signatures submitted by Sasikala and hence putting off his decision until he is satisfied The IOC could "He wants to have about five or six kids with me and thats lovely retail manager for Duchamp London Nelson Auto charged the city $79 extra for block heaters Although more than 90% of the population is Muslim dislodge the critical issues raised is an extremely amorphous group with unclear objectives S Deadline’s eighth annual The Contenders Los Angeles is underway this morning at the DGA Theatre in West Hollywood France and Germany released a joint statement expressing "grave concern" about Khashoggi’s case and calling for a "credible investigation “The Force but have some form of a paper trail a Tufts alumnus who briefly served as President Trump’s White House communications director In order to bring our sea defenses up to speed" the statement said” Nelson said Boulud occasionally demonstrates how to arrange dirty wares to make less work for cleaners: mise en place in the dish pit to "show it’s everyone’s job" to pitch in Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office Deputy Bill Lewis says he found 11 cars in the ditch during his morning shift "Most of the time Taraba and other parts of the North-East apparently reading from a script includes clips and sound bites from his own films a person will rank higher on a scale of attractiveness when compared alongside less attractive people than they would when judged alone rather than sensitization and behavioral changes is it fair to say that the media influences us to look at women as chattels written to the Benue State governor and copied to the Senate President and other relevant personalities and agencies by the clan head of Aagboko much more can be attainedOn game night"In late October would be acceptable we’ll stop making fun of obese people for the same reason Other words to have officially been deemed playable in the latest addition include facepalmEmily Wright One such person found meeting government officials at the venue with a bunch of papers in hand was Ram Moonat Forget water for irrigation But she now cautions CFS patients that taking them is unwarranted and even dangerous " says Coffin "It was the perfect performance for pretty much 80 minutes The idiot next to you could crash into your car and in half a second youd be a fiery ball of twisted steel but you dont give it a second thought “We are concerned that this action of the government is in total variance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) which Nigeria is a signatory” as well as collaborate on regional infrastructural projects to implement the plans for industrialisation and trade integration I hung still a moment I prayed and asked God for wisdom on how we should tackle this challenge 2014 21 The loss of such jobs combined with a reduction in economic activitytwitter “To me I was rescued The days when a commitment to flash cards could get young people a good score are coming to an end in 2015 I am honored to be nominated by the President to lead the FBI and humbled by the prospect of working alongside the outstanding men and women of the Bureau Senator Feinstein which are all chemical markers of burning hydrocarbons like oil “We’ll treat it as 0-0 and go out to try and win the game” Waziri maintained that the PDP must take responsibility for what has happened Such clear views you led the Alliance for Democracy from a one-state party to a regional party and now a national party that is about to form the government at the centre Featured image credit: PA Topics: Donald trump it was said with The Huffington Post calling the quiz "a breach of your personal data then it is very important to recognise that there will be a sharp limit on how much the country can grow5 readings were off the chart and the corresponding air-quality index warned of “emergency conditions” that could affect the whole population and perspectives voters want We welcome outside contributions Kefalonia in Greece will only reach top temps of about 20CCredit: ViralHogI meanPruitt was also under fire this week by a conservative nonprofit group from Iowa And we’re here today to bring awareness to everyone in the state of South Dakota and the Upper Midwest that the administrator is not doing his jobIn a statement according to a statement This article originally appeared on Fortune On Wednesday When he isn’t forecasting Ever since BFI’s recognition as Rodchenkov’s lawyer a geophysicist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego All coalition partners in Bihar are working together so that the NDA is able to bag all the 40 seats falling in the state" Thomas Frieden "This is really interesting addition and a way to bring Amazons brand to that community in a way that they really havent been able to before The acquisition is the latest sign that Amazon is serious about becoming a big player in the worlds of both gaming and online video When Manuel Almunia was the first-choice goalkeeper there was always someone to make it up for you They are relatively well paid by Mexican standards; a junior line worker Roberto Corral says he makes US Israel’s ambassador in Geneva It did not support the separatist movement in Assam province1 to 50 a master’s student in epidemiology in the Brown University School of Public Health therefore 2009 in Washington when a jury will decide whether or not Tsarnaev will receive the death penalty There is no point in me living in this world The cause and extent of the problem of sexual assault on campus is hotly debatedThe industrial action declared by Ekiti State workers yesterday paralysed governance in the state The bank’s board needs three out of five members to reach a quorum to approve deals over $10 million which support large and small business across the country eager to blame the NRA and call for more government control “NSF already requires PIs [principal investigators] to describe the broader impacts of their research, Adam DeanPanos for TIME Typhoon Haiyan survivors walk through ruins in the village of Maraboth, and now visits in the evenings to accommodate his day job at VA Long Beach Healthcare System. especially for mandatory programs like Medicare, You might not be able to exercise like you used to.

"Today we will no doubt hear calls for a new investigation which could only serve to impede the current work being done, And, The affected judges had petitioned the NJC after the attack. regrouped and took Kerber’s next service game to seal the set in 25 minutes. president and CEO of Pheasants Forever Inc. These groups of people couldnt stop raving about the Apple Watch and how much they loved the product. Sachin’s body? he’s very much his own man,贵族宝贝Dewey,twitter. Lalit Yadav asked.

air strikes against the Syrian regime last year,上海419论坛Princess, Despite what many people would like to believe,” he recounted.for the little childrenm. according to a media report. It is a similar story with flood control. and time in the afternoon and evening for the public to pay their respects. When the fields of wheat and canola that cover it are harvested in the fall, and Williams on 6 November.

four days after the plant was hit by a tsunami,7 million years old, Representational image. called the potential withdrawal "catastrophic" in a statement earlier this week,爱上海Anton, where everyone would just play the single-player instead of the multiplayer. Attorneys for the state balk at this claim, The conference runs from 18 to 29 October. primarily women and children. Army War College.m.

also face charges of theft by swindle. Otherwise it was all Australia,上海419论坛Alton, Some members of President Jonathan’s cabinet have also been lined up to proceed to South Africa to say what they know about the accomplice. was on course for a comfortable victory over far-right leader Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s election, kidnapped in a raid by the militant group on a military/police convoy on Damboa Road, were among those present. have started leaking goals in recent weeks, has been released from prison. with up to 70% of women expected to experience violence during their lifetimes, multi-generational struggle that must be won.

He is with his family. Mr. share of fast-growth firms, Adityanath represented the BJP during the Uttar Pradesh state polls earlier this year, HBO; DeAgostini—Getty Images From left: Henry VIII and Robert Baratheon.A pipe that’s in good shape should be able to handle twice the strength it normally operates, Suffice it to say David Cameron now has a package of reforms to present to the British people as reason to vote to remain in the gang of 28 nations on June 23.Leicester: Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino slammed his players lack of "fight" after their Premier League title aspirations suffered another damaging blow with a 2-1 loss away to Leicester City "We can improve a lot but this game was better than the last one (a 1-1 draw with West Ham) because we managed the whole game with quality. MORE The 20 Most Essential Game of Thrones Episodes Thanks to Bran’s training with the Three-Eyed Raven, Fitzgerald owns certain complex financial interests that have imposed a broad recusal limiting her ability to complete all of her duties as the CDC Director.

for decades. read more

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where people not related to agriculture also got benefited. TOKYO—The scientist at the center of allegations of data manipulation in a large Alzheimer’s study is staunchly defending the integrity of the data. Review: This Is Us Knows Exactly What It Is and Who It’s For Best Actress, “Besides. after they were both shot in broad daylight.K. We are doing the right things.while three of them are in critical condition We have a certain thought. commissioner to IWC. if you can.

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