Canada Goose delays Beijing store opening because of construction

first_imgTORONTO — Canada Goose Inc. says the opening of its Beijing store has been delayed.The Toronto-based luxury parka maker says in a statement to The Canadian Press that the delay is due to ongoing construction.The company has not said when the store will open, but is promising to update consumers as soon as plans progress.The announcement comes amid growing tensions between China and Canada following the arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver.Since Meng’s Dec. 1 arrest, Canada Goose’s stock has dropped by about 22 per cent to $71.01.Earlier this year, Canada Goose announced its China expansion plan, which also involves an office in Shanghai and a store in Hong Kong. The Canadian Press Companies in this story: (TSX:GOOS)last_img


first_imgA woman really doesn’t want much from a man. There are only about seven qualities that she a woman in her life partner.HONESTY A woman doesn’t want a man to lie to her about important matters. She wants to be an integral part of his life – the most important part, in fact. She wants to know the things that are going on his life and she wants him to repose faith in her. UNDERSTANDING She wants you to know her – inside and out. Why? Because only then you will love her for who she is. We all sometimes need confirmation that we’re worth loving. The real us – not what others perceive us to be. We may not all need such a confirmation of our value, but we all want it. But it’s more than just that! Also Read – Feel what you fearCARE Most people are forced to care for themselves. As human beings, we aren’t always in the right mindset to care for ourselves. To top it off, that’s usually exactly when we need the most caring – when we aren’t mentally or physically capable of doing it ourselves. She wants you to be there for her when she needs someone, to be there to share her burden. I know it sounds ridiculous, but she wants you to make her life a little easier. STRENGTH Also Read – HomecomingNo woman wants a physical weakling. That doesn’t mean she won’t settle for less than Herculean, but you’re a man! She wants to feel that when she’s in your presence. She wants you to be intelligent and practice self-control simply because you can. We’re all animals and women can tend to be attracted to stronger men. COMPASSION A woman doesn’t only want a man to have love only for her, but a love for life, for living things. She wants a kind man, a man whom others will look up to, appreciate and admire. She doesn’t see being good and compassionate as a weakness. I know lot of men are taught that to be strong you have to be hateful, spiteful and malicious. That’s very unfortunate – it’s simply the world we live in. SECURITY You don’t need to be a millionaire. Well, for some women, you very well may need to be, but hopefully you’ll only end up with one who admires the traits required for turning oneself into a millionaire and not the money alone. Generally speaking, the right woman will love you for you, but she does need you to add security. BLIND LOYALTY We all have big egos – men and women alike. We want to feel special. We want to feel unique and better than the rest. We’re competitive by nature and there is no getting around it. Women want a man who sees the world in her. She knows she’s not the most beautiful or smartest woman but wants to be the best woman for you. (Send your questions to read more

No safe place left for children in warravaged Aleppo says senior UNICEF

500,000 children estimated trapped in ‘sieges’ across SyriaMs. Singer added that while the world’s attention is on Aleppo, eastern Aleppo is only one 16 besieged areas in the country, where an estimated half a million children remain trapped amid worsening conditions. “Besiegement – a tactic of war from the Middle Ages – has been used by all sides. Where armed forces surround an area and try to starve the other into submission, whilst restricting the movement of persons, including the sick and wounded,” she noted. She further noted extreme lack of food and medical services that are taking a toll on children with cases of extreme malnutrition resulting in deaths of children. Violence has to stopMs. Singer emphasized that for the situation to improve and humanitarian plight to be alleviated, the fighting must stop. She said that while UNICEF has been distributing winter clothes, supplying water and fuel, and providing nutrition supplements immunizations, psychosocial support and mine-risk education. Calling on all parties to the conflict to stop employing sieges, attacking civilians, schools and hospitals as well as to stop recruiting and using children in armed forces, she stressed that until that happened, efforts of humanitarian workers and agencies will not amount to much. “We can make a difference but it’s never enough. Let’s be clear, as long as the violence continues, children in Syria will suffer,” she said. Returning from a mission to Aleppo, a senior United Nations Children’s Agency (UNICEF) official in Syria described “haunting images” of children killed by mortars and malnourishment, and said that the terrible situation “continues to plummet to even greater lows.” “When I was there, nearly 100 mortars fell on west Aleppo in a couple of days […] explosions lit up the night sky and the sounds of war reverberated across the city,” said Hannah Singer, the UNICEF Syria Representative, in a statement today.“Even by Syrian standards, the recent bombardment and shelling have been the most intense in Aleppo,” she added.She further said that some 31,500 people have been displaced from eastern Aleppo in recent days and that based on latest estimates, at least half of them seem to be children.Painting a grave picture of the scene in eastern Aleppo’s Hanano, a neighbourhood that was retaken by Government forces on 27 November, Ms. Singer said: “The destruction was massive. Unexploded ordnance scattered everywhere. Apartments were gutted, hospitals nearly destroyed and schools completely damaged except for two that could be rehabilitated.” I will be forever haunted by the images of the bodies of two beautiful girls, Hanadi and Lamar, who left for school one morning with pink ribbons in their hair. They never made it. ‘No safe place left in Aleppo’Noting that, so far this year there had been 84 attacks on schools in Syria with at least 69 children killed and many others injured while at school, Ms. Singer underscored: “Even going to school can be a matter of life or death.” “And I will be forever haunted by the images of the bodies of the two beautiful girls, Hanadi and Lamar, who left for school one morning with pink ribbons in their hair. They never made it. Shrapnel from a mortar hit them on the way and they were killed. Hanadi’s hand still grasped the remains of a chocolate bar,” she added. Situation in eastern Aleppo ‘very heart breaking’ – UN chiefAlso today, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told journalists in Vienna, Austria that the UN through Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura has been working very hard to resolve the Syrian crisis through an inclusive political solution.“Unfortunately, during the last six years we have not been able to do that,” he added. Noting that the ongoing fighting has made delivery of live-saving relief extremely difficult he underlined the need for a sustainable cessation of hostilities so that the organization is able to perform its humanitarian operations. “I have been urging the Syrian authorities and the Syrian armed groups and also the coalition partners to keep their promise, so that we do our proper humanitarian role, in the absence of a political solution,” he emphasized. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaks at a press stakeout with the Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria, Sebastian Kurz. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe read more

Mountain Man Rendezvous Gives Students HandsOn Learning

The Mountain Man Rendezvous is one of the many traditions that students have come to love as part of the year-end activities in Carbon School District.This year’s gloomy weather did not stop students from flocking to Lighthouse High School to enjoy the many activities offered at the rendezvous. Lighthouse Principal Karen Bedont organizes the events each year in partnership with her husband Paul.Students from various grades within the district that were studying Utah history were invited to the event where they learned about teepees, trapping, Dutch oven cooking, and more. Photos courtesy of Carbon School District

Rebuttal to the Save Palawan movement by Nickel Asia at next Philippine

first_imgGerard H. Brimo is the speaker for the next Philippine Mining Luncheon on August 5. 2011. His topic is a Rebuttal to the Save Palawan Movement that is calling on Filipinos to support the ‘No to Mining in Palawan’. Brimo is President and CEO of Nickel Asia Corp (NAC) and a member of the Audit Committee of the board. NAC is the Philippines’ largest producer of lateritic nickel ore and one of the largest in the world. It has a long operating history, starting with the sale of ore in 1977 from its first mine, Rio Tuba. Since then, it has expanded to four operating mines and has sold a total of about 60 Mt of ore up to 2010. Contact info@philippineminingclub.comBrimo is also the president of two privately owned exploration companies, Newminco Nickel Mining Corp and Newminco Pacific Mining Corp. He began his mining career with Philex Mining as a Vice President in 1985 and served as Chairman and CEO from 1994 until his retirement in December 2003. He once served as Chairman and President of the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Manhattan College, USA and his Master of Business Management degree from the Asian Institute of Management.This networking event is associated with the Melbourne Mining Club. As always the luncheon – sponsored by International Mining among others – will provide:An informal networking opportunityHeld over lunch on every even monthAccess to Leaders of the Global Mining IndustryWith the chance for industry representatives from all sectors to engage with an informative and engaging speaker who will present on topics such as  minerals industry development, exploration, investment opportunities, expansions or mining in generalAn opportunity for you to explore new business leads.last_img read more

Mining capital expenditures in Central Asia increase 66

first_imgAccording to research by IntierraRMG, between 2009 and 2011 annual mining capital expenditures in Central Asia increased 66% from $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion a year. Property transaction value also increased from some $25 million to $100 million a year; however in the same period the number of individual transactions involved decreased by half.Over the same time-frame, mining capital expenditures across the ASEAN countries maintained steady levels of $700 million a year; primarily in gold, coal and nickel production. Significantly, ASEAN mining property transactions rose from 40 deals per annum in 2002, up to 150 deals per annum in 2011.IntierraRMG Director of Mapping and Tenements, Peter Godwin, will offer insights into this data when he presents Growth, Funding and Opportunities in Asia during the Asian Mining and Energy Investment Forum, Kuala Lumpur on Thursday 12 July at 12.45 pm. Held across July 12 and 13 the conference is at the Hilton KL Sentral, Malaysia.last_img read more

Les animaux sociaux sont plus intelligents

first_imgLes animaux “sociaux” sont plus intelligentsUne étude britannique publiée dans la revue Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, concernant 500 espèces de mammifères, fossiles et actuelles, montre que le cerveau des animaux dits “sociaux” s’est d’avantage développé que celui des espèces solitaires. Des chercheurs de l’université d’Oxford ont tracé la courbe de l’évolution du cerveau de 500 espèces de mammifères depuis 60 millions d’années. Résultat : il y aurait un fort lien entre leur taille (relative, donc par rapport à la taille totale du corps) et le degré de sociabilité de l’animal. Baleines, dauphins, humains… les animaux sociaux ont plus de matière grise que les félins ou les rhinocéros, généralement plus solitaires.Et le contact de l’homme n’y change rien puisque chiens et chevaux, animaux grégaires, ont un cerveau proportionnellement plus gros que celui des chats. Au cours de l’évolution ce sont respectivement les encéphales des singes, puis ceux des chevaux, des dauphins, des chameaux et des chiens qui ont le plus grandi.La vie dans un groupe – surtout s’il est stable -, la socialisation et la coopération requièrent plus de ressources cérébrales qu’une existence solitaire, concluent les chercheurs. En clair, se socialiser fait des merveilles, c’est la science qui le dit. Le 28 novembre 2010 à 11:08 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Apple Steve Jobs présentera luimême un nouveau logiciel lundi

first_imgApple : Steve Jobs présentera lui-même un nouveau logiciel lundiSteve Jobs a beau être en congé maladie, cela ne l’empêche pas de continuer de travailler dur. Ainsi, il lancera lundi un nouveau logiciel qu’il tient à présenter lui-même, lors d’une conférence à San Francisco.”Steve Jobs et une équipe de cadres dirigeants d’Apple lanceront la Conférence internationale des programmeurs informatiques (WWDC) avec un discours d’ouverture le 6 juin”, indique un communiqué de la firme à la pomme.Le PDG d’Apple fera ainsi sa deuxième apparition publique depuis son congé maladie débuté en janvier dernier. Et il revient sur le devant de la scène avec une actualité de poids : un nouveau logiciel, qu’il tient à présenter lui-même. “Apple dévoilera sa nouvelle génération de logiciels, Lion, huitième édition du système d’exploitation Mac OS X, ainsi que iOS 5, la dernière version du système opérationnel pour appareils mobiles”, précise le communiqué de presse. Il s’agit du système qui sera utilisé pour la nouvelle tablette tactile iPad et le smartphone iPhone.Le 2 juin 2011 à 17:24 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Poules pondeuses 13 pays de lUE sommés daméliorer leur sort

first_imgPoules pondeuses : 13 pays de l’UE sommés d’améliorer leur sortTreize Etats européens ont été mis en demeure par la Commission européenne d’améliorer les conditions d’élevage des poules pondeuses en cessant de les entasser dans des micro-cages. Sommés de se conformer à la directive entrée en vigueur au début de l’année, ces treize pays sont menacés de poursuites.La Commission européenne a donné deux mois à treize Etats membres pour se conformer aux normes adoptées en 1999 et entrées en vigueur le 1er janvier dernier quant aux conditions d’élevage des poules pondeuses. La France, la Belgique, la Bulgarie, Chypre, l’Espagne, la Grèce, la Hongrie, l’Italie, la Lettonie, les Pays-Bas, la Pologne, le Portugal et la Roumanie sont sommés, sous peine de poursuites, d’améliorer le sort de quelque 47 millions de poules, soit 14% des gallinacés élevés dans l’UE, encore aujourd’hui entassées dans des micro-cages non conformes, rapporte l’AFP.À lire aussiL’étonnante éclosion d’œufs du crapaud de Surinam”La Commission regrette qu’après tout ce temps, plus de la moitié des Etats membres de l’UE ne sont pas conformés aux règles” a déploré le porte-parole de la Commission en charge du dossier, Frédéric Vincent. Or le non-respect des nouvelles normes pose deux problèmes, celui du bien-être des animaux, mais aussi celui de la concurrence entre les élevages non-conformes et ceux qui se sont soumis aux nouvelles règles et ont donc dû investir pour le faire.Jusqu’alors, chaque poule devait disposer d’un espace au sol minimal équivalent minimal à une feuille A4. Depuis le 1er janvier 2012, chaque animal doit minimum avoir 750 centimètres carrés, soit une centaine de centimètres carrés en plus. Une mangeoire d’au moins douze centimètres de long, ainsi qu’une litière, des grattoirs et un nid sont également obligatoires.Les treize Etats mis en demeure ont donc deux mois devant eux pour se conformer aux nouvelles règles. “A défaut d’une réponse satisfaisante, la Commission leur adressera un ‘avis motivé’ les invitant à prendre les mesures nécessaires pour se conformer à la directive dans un délai de deux mois”, a indiqué la Commission. Les pays qui seront toujours en infraction à l’issue de ce délai seront menacés de poursuites. Le 30 janvier 2012 à 09:37 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Follow This King of the Hill Screens Twitter

first_img Follow This: Sega CD Games (Twitter)Follow This: Stop Skeletons From Fighting (YouTube) You don’t have enough useful or funny feeds clogging your social media. We’re here to change that. Welcome to’s Follow This, a weekly highlight of feeds and channels you should be following.Twitter bots can be treacherous if used to engage in social engineering. They can also be tedious if they’re set to put out content at regular intervals without a wide enough pool of resources to build tweets with. King of the Hill Screens on Twitter is neither. It’s a consistent and fascinating source of weird humor, all based on a simple premise.King of the Hill Screens is a Twitter bot with a very basic function: Every 30 minutes, it tweets out a single random screen capture from the entire run of King of the Hill. No commentary, no context, no statement about it of any kind. Just a random screen every half hour. It’s fascinating.I know King of the Hill isn’t for everyone, and that’s what makes this so compelling. The show was so full of the driest humor ever animated, taking the direct gags and laughs from The Simpsons and replacing them with a vaguely offputting combination of familiarity and total otherness. Every character was an onion of alternating layers of quiet mundanity and burgeoning eccentricity, like a far more subtle and less spoon-shaped version of Bob’s Burgers.It also had Toby Huss (Artie, the Strongest Man in the World from The Adventures of Pete & Pete) pulling double-duty as Hank’s diminutive, abusive grandfather Cotton and overcompensating Laotian neighbor Khan. Toby Huss is a freaking treasure and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.King of the Hill didn’t have the most impressive art of, well, any animated show that took up an 8:30 Fox timeslot. Flat, plain, fairly dull colors, generally potato-shaped characters with slightly too-small eyes. It didn’t look great. But that’s part of the appeal, too. Because these screencaps show just how weird it could look, made weirder with the complete lack of context. It’s amazing.If you want more unsettling sights, check out Japan’s debate over sexy light novel covers, or read our list of the 11 best fictional head trips, or watch this thing.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Security Presence At Westfield Based On Intelligence Mai Fatty

first_imgBy Saikou Suwareh JabaiPicture: Minister Fatty discussing with organizers of the proposed protestMai Ahmed Fatty, Minister of Interior, has defended the deployment of riot police, saying there was need for security based on ‘credible intelligence’ against those who intend to undermine the peace and ongoing fruitful dialogue.He said the police deployment is merely preventive to deter those who plan to create unlawful distractions, contrary to the declared intentions of the organizers of the peaceful protest.“The path to honest negotiations / constructive dialogue, is the new Gambian way. Not brutality or confrontation,” he added. Mr. Fatty said the right to protest is a fundamental constitutional imperative and he swore an oath to defend and protect it. He however added that he also swore to protect and defend the sovereignty of The Gambia against all threats, potential or real, domestic or foreign.On Sunday morning, the Authorities deployed riot police who were on patrol at the proposed protest center in Westfield to prevent crowds gathering after a civil action group called #OccupyWestfield, vowed to hold a protest rally to express disappointment with the nation’s Utility services provider, NAWEC. This move has angered the youth who described it as a breach of the agreement they had with Government.The #OccupyWestfield team were denied permit to hold the protest and held a meeting with officials of the energy and security sector about the proposed protest. Reacting to the presence of riot police in Westfield, the Leader of the Civil Action Group, Alieu Bah said: “We went ahead and postponed #Occupywestfield just because they said they can’t provide the security we demanded from them. You can’t provide security for us but you can actually fill Westfield with police?” He said Government’s presumption is that they are violent even when they went ahead and demanded security from them. He described this as the most disappointing since the emergence of the new Gambia.Another member of the group, Lamin Sey, said the Inspector General of Police disappointed young people by sending his men to the place even when they agreed to call off the protest.last_img read more

Meredith Buys Allrecipescom from Readers Digest Association

first_imgThe site will move into Meredith’s growing food portfolio, which includes another recently acquired RDA title, Every Day With Rachael Ray, as well as newly added and EatingWell Media Group (there are no plans to merge and, according to FOLIO: sister publication min). has 17 sites in 22 countries. RDA announced its plans to focus on its “master brands” in fall 2011, which include Reader’s Digest, Taste of Home and The Family Handyman. Since the announcement, the publisher continues to par down its content portfolio along with its staff; the publisher cut 150 positions worldwide in December. After putting the property on the block in October, Reader’s Digest Association will sell and related digital assets to Meredith Corp. for $175 million. The deal is expected to close by the end of the first quarter.This purchase nearly doubles Meredith Women’s Network audience to 40 million monthly uniques, according to the company. also boasts a younger audience base; Meredith’s current female demographic falls in the mid-forties. Attracting younger readers to the Meredith portfolio is top of mind for the company as of late. When Meredith bought FamilyFun magazine from Disney earlier this month, the title’s younger audience (the average FF user is 35-years-old) was considered a key factor. Carey Witmer, president of Meredith’s Parents Network, told FOLIO: at the time, “I’m not looking at it from a category standpoint, but more from a life stage standpoint. It ties back to the age of the consumer, what this woman is doing in this stage of the game. She’s setting up her household, she’s buying a new car and developing those brand loyalties she’ll have all her life. But beyond the advertising, it’s a great opportunity for Meredith to get at her in the beginning and then move her into our other brands like Better Homes and Gardens.” last_img read more

Katy ISD Pulls Book From Its Library And Sports Illustrated Honors Watt

first_imgListen 00:00 /15:28 A lot can happen in a week. Some of it good. Some of it bad. Some of it downright ugly. When faced with intriguing developments in the week’s news, we turn to our rotating panel of “non-experts” to parse The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of it all.This week, our panel weighs in on: Katy ISD officials drawing scorn for pulling popular young adult novel The Hate U Give from its library shelves, and Sports Illustrated naming J.J. Watt and Jose Altuve its 2017 Sportspersons of the Year.Our panel of non-experts this week includes:Marcus Davis, owner of The Breakfast Klub restaurant and host of Sunday Morning Live on Majic 102.1  Monica Richart, attorney and community education advocate Share To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Xlast_img read more

Congresswoman Frederica S Wilsons Statement on Kamilah Campbells SAT Score Challenge

first_imgWritten by NNPAWashington, D.C. – Congresswoman Wilson issued the following statement in response to the College Board:“As a mother and a former educator, I was extremely disappointed to learn that Kamilah Campbell’s SAT score is being challenged after she showed marked improvement in the second exam. It is my understanding that the first test that she took was a practice round for which she had not prepared. Before taking the second test, however, she spent a significant amount of time studying and took an SAT prep course. Her hard work and diligence paid off and she increased her score by about 300 points.Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson is a fourth-term Congresswoman from Florida representing parts of Northern Miami-Dade and Southeast Broward counties.“The College Board, however, is challenging her score and has suggested that Kamilah may have cheated. It claims to “celebrate when students work hard and improve their scores on the SAT,” yet instead of celebrating Kamilah, it is creating a perception that perhaps she’s done something wrong, which is preventing her from pursuing scholarship opportunities.“I fully intend to look into this matter, but I am very concerned that this incident may send the wrong message to young people, especially those who need more incentive and support than Kamilah to push themselves to excel in school and pursue higher education.”Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson is a fourth-term Congresswoman from Florida representing parts of Northern Miami-Dade and Southeast Broward counties. A former state legislator and school principal, she is the founder of the 5000 Role Models for Excellence Project, a mentoring program for young males at risk of dropping out of school. Congresswoman Wilson also founded and chairs the Florida Ports Caucus, a bipartisan taskforce that coordinates federal action in support of Florida’s harbors and waterways. The Florida lawmaker sits on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Education and the Workforce Committee.last_img read more

Doctor Who Tuesday Trope Aliens Are Bastards

first_imgFrom survivor’s guilt to the action girl, Doctor Who‘s cup runneth over with repetitive motifs.Each week, I’ll tackle another trope, examining its use, effectiveness, and relevance to the long-running BBC show.ALIENS ARE BASTARDSMeaning: Extraterrestrials and otherworldly beings are rarely friendlyUsage in Doctor Who: You know Daleks and Davros and Missy the Master, Angels and Silence hell-bent on disasterIt’s official: All aliens are bastards!Truer words were never spoken.Physicist Gordon Freeman (fictional protagonist of the Half-Life video game series) declared his hatred for extraterrestrials in episode six of Freeman’s Mind, a sci-fi comedy show parodying the inner thoughts of its title character.What are the odds writer Ross Scott is a Doctor Who fan?Since its inception in 1963, the otherworldly drama has introduced some of the genre’s most famous aliens, including the Doctor himself.And while the rogue Time Lord can sometimes be a bastard, he’s usually the one fighting the real brutes.Daleks (via BBC)Topping the list are Daleks: Genetically engineered by scientist Davros to feel no emotion (except hatred), the merciless cyborgs—inspired by actual Nazis—are intent on purging the universe of all other races, starting with Time Lords.The popular pepper pots never seem to die, returning to exterminate almost every incarnation of the Doctor; Daleks have appeared in every series since the 2005 reboot.If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Daleks and Cybermen are true bosom buddies.Cybermen (via BBC)Wholly organic humanoids originating on Earth’s twin planet Mondas, the dying race replaced most of their bodies with cybernetic parts and removed all emotion from their brains, transforming into a cold, calculating race—one of the most persistent enemies in the Whoniverse.Last seen among alien refugees hiding in London (“Face the Raven”) and in season nine finale “Hell Bent,” the original version of the deadly cyborgs will return for this year’s two-part finale.Unlike, say, the Foretold, Abzorbaloff, Lake Ghosts, the Dream Lord, or Shoal of the Winter Harmony—not all aliens are complete nincompoops.Time Lords like the Doctor—very much a stranger in a strange land—come from a long line of advanced, elitist, controlling time travelers. Notable bad eggs include the Master, the Rani, and their founders Rassilon and Omega. But as Doctor Who‘s titular character proves, there is always an exception to the rule.Stream all of Doctor Who now for free with your Amazon Prime membership.last_img read more

Mercury plummets as heavy rain hailstorm lash city

first_imgKolkata: Rains and hailstorm accompanied by strong winds lashed various parts of the city on Sunday evening, bringing the mercury down by a few notches.The hailstorm hit several parts of the Northern fringes of Kolkata, some parts of Rajarhat and New Town and its adjacent areas in the evening. In some parts, excited people took to social media to share pictures of roads covered with hail. A tree fell on a taxi at Shyambazar, halting traffic for a while. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseSome persons have reportedly been struck by lightning in different parts of the state. The city also received moderate rainfall that lasted for nearly an hour. Winds measuring around 50-55 km per hour swept through various South Bengal districts. The traffic movement in some parts of the city slowed down following the rain. Districts like Purulia, Bankura, West Burdwan, Jhargram and West Midnapore witnessed heavy thundershower during the evening hours. The temperature may hover around 33 degree Celsius during day time in the next 24 hours but the mercury is expected to slide down during the evening. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAccording to the Regional Meteorological Centre at Alipore, two low pressure troughs have formed over Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra each. The low pressure troughs are expected to gain strength and as a result, various South Bengal and some North Bengal districts may receive rainfall in the next 24 hours. In the past 24 hours, the highest temperature of the city was recorded at 32.5 degree Celsius, while the lowest temperature touched 23.5 degree. The Met department had already predicted rainfall in various parts of South Bengal on Sunday and Monday. The sky may remain cloudy in some parts in the next 24 hours. A couple of days ago, various South Bengal districts had witnessed light to moderate rains due to the impact of both Western disturbances and a wind which was blowing towards the West. It may be mentioned here that the people in the city and also in some South Bengal districts started feeling comparatively hot in the past two weeks, as the mercury started to rise. People were also experiencing discomfort as the humidity level was also on the higher side during daytime.last_img read more

VIDEO LeBron and Cavs teammates ruthlessly heckled rockstar Channing Frye during shirtless

first_imgChanning Frye didn’t have his shirt with him, but decided to go ahead with his postgame interview after the Cavs sweep of the Raptors anyway. He won’t be doing that again anytime soon.Frye was heckled by a chorus of Cavs teammates, led by LeBron James, for being a ‘rockstar’ in his shirtless interview. They also called him out for wearing a Coachella-style beaded necklace.Frye laughed it all off and answered game questions in between getting ethered.It’s all fun and games when you’re 8-0 in the playoffs.last_img

NewLeaf Travel Company hires new CFO

first_img Posted by NewLeaf Travel Company hires new CFO Tags: Enerjet, NewLeaf Travel Travelweek Group Sharecenter_img WINNIPEG — Roger Jewett has joined NewLeaf Travel Company as Chief Financial Officer.Jewett assumes the role from Brian Reddy whose financial expertise was instrumental in launching NewLeaf, according to the company. Reddy will remain on NewLeaf’s Board of Directors and maintains a Senior Financial Advisory Role.“Roger brings a wealth of industry knowledge and leadership to NewLeaf,” said President and CEO of NewLeaf Travel Company, Jim Young. “He is an accomplished executive who is a welcome addition to our team as we continue to grow.”Jewett founded Jump On Flyaways, a company that accepts bids offering travellers the option of flying last-minute for low fares.Jewett has also held CFO positions with Calgary’s Enerjet and Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. << Previous PostNext Post >> Tuesday, September 27, 2016 last_img read more

Kerala to emerge as Global Health Tourism hub

first_imgKerala is set to emerge as the perfect destination for health tourism in the world as it has many advantages like trained personnel, infrastructure and English-speaking medical staff.State Chief Secretary Jiji Thomson said that Kerala has held out advantages like well-trained practitioners, English-speaking medical staff, infrastructure in the form of super-specialty hospitals, a mix of modern and alternative treatment systems, affordable cost and low waiting times.“I believe that by promoting medical value travel in Kerala, with the right thrust from all quarters, the health tourism industry in Kerala can boom to become the global leader,” Thomson said while inaugurating the fifth edition of ‘Kerala Health Tourism’, an international conference and exhibition on the sector.Observing that the medical tourism sector in the country is expected to grow from the current $3 billion to $7-8 billion by 2020, Thomson said the state government would come up with an integrated plan for building up the sector.“Health tourism has evolved from a concept to a much in demand reality whereby foreign nationals are now looking at Kerala to receive medical care and attention. Gone are the days when one had to travel abroad to receive quality healthcare and treatment,” he said.As more and more patients from Europe, North America and other affluent regions with high medical costs and long wait-lists are looking for effective and affordable options, medical healthcare travel to Kerala would see a rise. Thomson assured that the fast-growing Kerala health sector is fully geared to meet that need.Additionally, Kerala Health Tourism (KMT) 2015 saw the announcement of the launch of Kerala Medical Value Travel (KMVT), a forum to promote health tourism in the State.Azad Moopen, Chairman of KHT 2015 said KMVT is an industry body of 22 NABH accredited hospitals for the promotion of medical value travellers and has been set up with the objective to build a strong health tourism industry.Speaking on the sidelines of KHT 2015, he said, “We are taking serious efforts to make Kerala a most sought destination for medical travellers. The initial focus will be on Gulf countries for long term sustainability for the sector and later to African countries where there is lack of basic healthcare infrastructure facilities.”last_img read more

Abu Dhabi UAE – Reported by Elite Traveler the P

first_imgAbu Dhabi, UAE – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineTourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), the master developer of tourism, cultural, and residential destinations in Abu Dhabi, today announced that Monte-Carlo SBM will manage its first chic and stylish beach club in the Middle East on Saadiyat Island, to be named the Monte Carlo Beach Club Saadiyat Island.Established for almost 150 years in Monaco, the home of glamour, luxury and style, Monte-Carlo SBM has a rich heritage in Europe and a world-wide reputation for delivering elegant destination clubs, hotels and restaurants.Scheduled to open in March 2011, the Monte Carlo Beach Club Saadiyat Island, will be the first beach club on Saadiyat and is designed to celebrate fine living, culture, wellbeing and health, reflecting the values and heritage of Monte-Carlo SBM’s sister hotels and clubs in Europe, in a uniquely Arabian way. Nestled between two luxury beach resorts, members and visitors will have direct access to the pristine waters of Saadiyat beach, and the award winning Saadiyat Beach Golf Club.On the announcement, Lee Tabler, Chief Executive Officer of TDIC, commented; “TDIC is developing Saadiyat Island as an unrivalled destination for culture and a contemporary urban lifestyle, and the Monte-Carlo SBM brand complements these aspirations perfectly. Monte Carlo Beach Club Saadiyat Island will bring the history and style of glamorous Monte-Carlo, with its rich heritage of culture, sport and tourism, to Saadiyat as the island’s unique reputation builds.By expanding the number of world renowned premium brands and partners on this beautiful natural island including St. Regis, Mandarin Oriental, Park Hyatt and now Monte-Carlo SBM, TDIC is looking to provide unforgettable experiences and an incomparable lifestyle choice for every resident or visitor to Saadiyat Island.”The 36,500 square meter beach club will provide Saadiyat Island’s residential community and visitors with a range of premium services and facilities during the day, including a private beach, kids’ area, swimming pools, a health & fitness centre and an all day dining restaurant. In the evening, the Monte Carlo Beach Club Saadiyat Island will become a ‘must visit’ evening hotspot for Abu Dhabi filled with action, buzz and sophisticated entertainment.Visiting Saadiyat Island, Bernard Lambert, CEO of SBM, the mother company of Monte-Carlo SBM Group, explained, “I am delighted that TDIC and SBM have entered into this first phase of what we are sure will be a long and successful partnership between our companies. TDIC’s focus and passion in developing a social, cultural and tourist infrastructure here in Abu Dhabi echoes SBM’s own development of Monte Carlo almost 150 years ago.Saadiyat is a remarkable vision, combining art and culture with tourism and sustainable communities in a wonderful location. The Monte Carlo Beach Club is our first contribution to this already successful concept, bringing our own style and luxury to this vibrant and visionary destination at the heart of the Gulf.”www.tdic.aelast_img read more